MTN Data Plan and Internet Bundles Prices in Nigeria 2024

mtn data plan, mtn data plan code, mtn data plan in nigeria

mtn data plan, mtn data plan code, mtn data plan in nigeria, mtn data plan 200 for 1gb

MTN has different data plans that are enough to satisfy subscribers’ needs either as person(s), small or large business owners. The several available MTN data plans allow subscribers to easily pick any of the plans within their affordability. 

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MTN Data Plans in Nigeria

The plans include daily data plans, weekly, monthly, and yearly data plans, and they are all addressed in this post. So, take some time to explore the list, and hopefully, you find a suitable plan.

cheap mtn data plan
cheap mtn data plan

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Since MTN also charges 5 kobo/kb for pay-as-you-go browsing which is expensive for most users, it is, however, good to pick a tariff plan that offers you internet access within your capacity.

For more information on the different MTN data plans, simply dial *131*1# on your smartphone.

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Some of the MTN 5G value plans rolled out in 2019/2022 have been bumped like the 20,000 Naira plan from 110GB to 120GB. free 4GB YouTube Night Video streaming was also added to some of its monthly packages.

MTN Data Plan Prices in Nigeria

mtn data plan prices
mtn data plan prices

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Below is the list of the latest MTN Data Plan Prices in Nigeria and their activation codes.

MTN-Data Plan Prices
Data PlansSubscription code and PriceValidity
1.5GB Browsing Plan for Mobiletext 106 to 131 – ₦100024/7, 30 days
2GB MTN Data Plantext 130 to 131 – ₦120024/7, 30 days
3GB Data Plantext 131 to 131 – ₦150024/7, 30 days
MTN 4.5GB Mobile Data Plan text 110 to 131 – ₦200024/7, 30 days
6GB Plantext 147 to 131 – ₦2,50024/7, 30 days
10GB MTN Data Plantext 148 to 131 – ₦300024/7, 30 days
12GB MTN Data Plantext 107 to 131 – ₦350024/7, 30 days
15GB MTN Data Plantext 162 to 131 – ₦300024/7, 30 days
20GB Packagetext 116 to 131 – ₦500024/7, 30 days
25GB Packagetext 153 to 131 – ₦600024/7, 30 days
40GB MTN Data Plantext 117 to 131 – ₦1000024/7, 30 days
45GB MTN Data Plantext 163 to 131 – ₦600024/7, 30 days
75GB Plantext 150 to 131 – ₦1500024/7, 30 days
120GB Plantext 149 to 131 – ₦20,00024/7, 30 days
200GB Packagetext 111 to 131 – ₦30,00024/7, 30 days
30GB 2-Month Bundletext 119 to 131 – 8000 NGN24/7, 60 days
100GB 2-Month Bundletext 118 to 131 – 20000 NGN24/7, 60 days
160GB 2-Month Bundletext 138 to 131 – 30000 NGN24/7, 60 days
400GB 3-Month Bundletext 133 to 131 – 50000 NGN24/7, 90 days
600GB 3-Month Bundletext 134 to 131 – 75000 NGN24/7, 90 days
MTN 800GB 6-Month Bundletext 115 to 131 – 90,000 Naira24/7, 180 days
MTN 1TB Yearly Bundletext 135 to 131 – 100,000 Naira24/7, 360 days
2.5TB Yearly Bundletext 136 to 131 – 250,000 Naira24/7, 360 days
4.5TB Yearly Bundletext 137 to 131 – 450,000 Naira24/7, 360 days

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MTN Daily Plans in Nigeria

To check your MTN browsing data balance, text 2 to 131.

MTN Data Daily Plans
Data PlansSubscription code and PriceValidity
1GB MTN Dailytext SMS 155 to 131 – ₦30024 hours
100MB MTN Daily Data Plan for Mobiletext SMS 104 to 131 – 100 NGN24 hours
40MB MTN Daily Plan for Mobiletext SMS 114 to 131 – 50 NGN24 hours
2GB 2-Day Plantext 154 to 131 – 500 Naira48 hours
2.5GB 2-Day Package – 500 Naira48 hours
200MB 3-Day Packagetext 113 to 131 – 200 Naira72 hours

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MTN Weekly Plans in Nigeria

All the MTN weekly data plans offer a 100% bonus when you subscribe except for the 6GB package.

MTN Data Wekkly Plans
Data PlansSubscription code and PriceValidity
6GB Weekly Browsing for Mobiletext 143 to 131 – 1,500 NGN7 days
1GB Weekly Browsing for Mobiletext 142 to 131 – 500 NGN7 days
2GB Weekly Browsing for MobileDial *131*105# – 1,000 NGN7 days
750MB Weekly Browsing for Mobiletext 103 to 131 – 500 NGN7 days
350MB Weekly Browsing for Mobiletext 102 to 131 – 300 NGN7 days

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MTN ConnectMore Tariff Plan in Nigeria

Mtn ConnectMore is a plan designed for companies and organizations with more than 10 staff. It offers a range of data bundles with special bundles for Microsoft teams. It is a prepaid plan and it is only available to MTN subscribers within the workspace.

How Can I get MTN ConnectMore tariff for my Organization?

Companies or organizations who want connectMore should contact their Account Partner who will provide the necessary forms and guide them through the process. Organizations without an Account Partner should send an email to “” and a specialist will be available to assist your organization through the process.

How to Purchase the ConnectMore plan

simply dial *460*1*5# on your smartphone and follow the prompt message to purchase any of the connectMore data plans. ConnectMore also has a flat rate of 12k/sec which applies to calls across all local networks.

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MTN ConnectMore Data Plans

ConnectMore Data Plans
Data PlansPricesValidity
7.5 GB₦2,5007 days
2GB₦1,00030 days
5GB + 5GB Bonus for MS Teams₦2,00030 days
15GB + 5GB Bonus for MS Teams₦4,00030 days
25GB + 5GB Bonus for MS Teams₦5,00030 days
28GB + 5GB Bonus for MS Teams₦6,00030 days
35GB + 5GB Bonus for MS Teams₦8,00030 days
65GB + 5GB Bonus for MS Teams₦12,00030 days
85GB + 5GB Bonus for MS Teams₦15,00030 days
150GB + 5GB Bonus for MS Teams₦25,00030 days

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