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WapMasTazone is an ingenuity tech blog in Nigeria with a special focus on technology, SEO, business and startups, and freelancing. Our audience comes not only from Nigeria but all around the world because we put effort into every article we write, the products we design, and other services we provide.

Now, we bring a great opportunity for you to advertise and promote your business on WapMasTazone or any of our subsidiary websites so you can reach more audience.

Why you Should Work with Us

We have been live since 2014 and We have thousands of unique and engaging visitors all around the world every month. We have organic visitors from search engines, social platforms, referrals, and direct searches. Our website is properly optimized for SEO, mobile, and web-friendly.

WapMasTazone is a value chain with many subsidiary websites such as;

WapMasTazone Ads Rates

We have different advertising opportunities which you can see below;

Sponsored Posts

This is for promotion of articles, products, or services looking to get backlinks, visibility, and reach a wider audience.

Ads Cost

– publishing your article on our blog (500+ words with images) – $150

– Just backlink without content – $100

– We provide article writing service for you + promotion – $250

Other Services We Provide:


– We can review your article (proofreading and plagiarism free) – $50 min.

– We can review your website to fix SEO issues and design optimization – charges will vary


– We can design your complete website – charges will vary

– We design products – charges will vary

Ads Slot on WapMasTazone

All dimensions below are in pixels

Above Header Ads Slot:

For this, we will accept a larger size of your ad/banner which can be a jpeg or png above the header of our website.

Header Ad Slot – 725 x 90

For this, we will place your ads/banners in the header section of our website. This ad will appear on every page of our website such as; homepage, pages, category, and archive pages.

Inside content Ad – 725 x 90 or 300 x 250 Banner (Above, Between, Below)

For this, we will place your ads/banner in between posts, pages, and categories pages of our website. This ad will appear on some targeted posts, pages and archive pages, and positions and also be determined by you.  

Right/Left Sidebar ads – 300 x 250 Banner or 300 x 600 Banner

For this, we will place your ads/banner on the left or right sidebar of our website. This ad will appear on every page of the website.

Text link ads

We can also include your text links within our existing post or a new post you want us to publish for you. The position can be determined by you.

Important Note: Banner design shall come from you. Gif or flash banners will cost more money.
your banner and landing page must meet our standards before approval. You must inform us in case of changes to your landing page. If the changes you made go against our standards, we will suspend or may terminate our partnership!

How to Advertise on WapMasTazone

Now that you understand how our service works, payment will only be discussed and processed by you after we have established an agreement. You can contact us at info @

Business Time:

Monday – Friday (9am – 5pm)

Prohibited Ads on WapMasTazone

While we want to work with you and help you reach your wider audience and potential customers, we are also committed to keeping and safeguarding our audience. As such, we, therefore, prohibit contents that are deceptive or offensive to our audience.

These types of content are highlighted below;

Gambling and Betting: We do not promote or endorse content related to online and offline gambling and betting.

Counterfeit Goods: We do not promote counterfeit products or products that mimic other products

 Hateful Ads: we do not promote ads that include hate speech against person(s), organization, gender-specific, race, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation.

 Sexually Explicit Ads: Content that presents sex, porn, and Alcoholic Beverages are all prohibited and can not be promoted by us.

 Deceptive Ads: we do not promote content, banners, or links that are deceptive with the intent of exploiting people. We do not promote Ads that present a product or service in a way that is not accurate or truthful.

 Poorly Design content/landing pages: Poorly designed content, banners, and landing pages will be rejected. Landing pages that redirect to another malicious website will also be rejected.

Other contents that go against proper ethics or are considered inappropriate that are not included above are all prohibited! 

Ready to Advertise with us?

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