9mobile Data Plans and 9mobile Data Code 2024

9mobile Data Plans, 9mobile data code, Etisalat Data Plans

In this article, you will learn about 9mobile Data Plans and 9mobile data codes. I will explore the various 9mobile data plans with the corresponding USSD codes for quick and seamless activation.

9mobile is a leading telecommunications provider that offers a wide range of services, including voice calls, data plans, and mobile internet connectivity. With a strong focus on providing reliable and high-speed internet access, 9mobile has garnered a loyal customer base across the country.

One of the key offerings of 9mobile is its diverse range of data plans designed to suit various user needs and preferences. This includes daily, weekly, monthly data plans, and yearly plans.

Whether you are a light data user who needs internet access for basic browsing and messaging or a heavy data consumer who requires substantial bandwidth for streaming and downloads, 9mobile has a plan for everyone.

9mobile Data Plans and 9mobile data code

9mobile Daily Data Plans

Etisalat Daily Data Plans
Data PlansPricesUsage Period9mobile data code
25MB₦501 Day (24 hrs.)*229*3*8#
100MB₦1001 Day (24 hrs.)*229*3*1#
650MB₦2001 Day (24 hrs.)*229*3*2#
1GB + Social₦3001 Day (24 hrs.)*229*3*3#
2GB + Social₦5003 Days (72 hrs.)*229*3*4#

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9mobile Weekly Data Plans

Etisalat Weekly Data Plans
Data PlansPricesUsage Period9mobile data code
250MB₦2001 Week (7 days).*299*2*10#
1GB + Social₦5001 Week (7 days).*299*2*1#
7GB + Social₦1,5001 Week (7 days).*299*2*2#

Etisalat Monthly Data Plans

Etisalat Monthly Data Plans
Data PlansPricesUsage Period9mobile data code
500MB₦5001 Month (30 days).*299*2*12#
1.5GB₦1,0001 Month (30 days).*299*2*7#
2GB₦1,2001 Month (30 days).*299*2*25#
3GB₦1,5001 Month (30 days).*299*2*3#
4.5GB₦2,0001 Month (30 days).*299*2*8#
11GB₦4,0001 Month (30 days).*299*2*36#
15GB₦5,0001 Month (30 days)*299*2*37#
40GB₦10,0001 Month (30 days).*299*4*1#
75GB₦15,0001 Month (30 days).*299*2*4#
75GB₦25,0003 Months (90 days).*299*5*1#
165GB₦50,0006 Months (180 days).*299*5*2#

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Etisalat Night & Weekend Data Plans

Etisalat Night & Weekend Data Plans
Data PlansPricesUsage Period9mobile data code
1GB₦20024 Hrs. (11pm – 5am)*229*3*11#
3GB₦1,00030 Days (7pm – 6:59am everyday).*229*3*12#
7GB₦2,00030 Days (7pm – 6:59am everyday).*229*3*13#

Etisalat Yearly Data Plan

Etisalat Yearly data Plans
Data PlansPricesUsage Period9mobile data code
365GB₦100,0001 Year (365 days)*299*5*3#

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