All Glo Data Plans, Prices and Subscription Codes 2024

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Globacom offers different Glo Data Plans which allows users to stay connected. Glo is also one of the leading telecommunications providers in nigeria and has curated different data plans tailored to meet the dynamic needs of its users. From affordable options for light users to high-capacity plans for data enthusiasts. Hence, In this article, I have covered all Glo data plans you can think off.

All Glo Data Plans, Prices and Subcription Codes

GLO Daily Data Plans

GLO DailyPricesDurationGlo Subscription Codes
50MB₦501 Day*777#
150MB₦1001 Day*777#
350MB₦2002 Days*777#
1GB (Special 300)₦3001 Day*777#
2GB (Special 500)₦5002 Days*777#

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GLO Wekkly Data Plans

GLO WekklyPricesDurationGlo Subscription Codes
1.35GB₦5002 Weeks*777#
7GB (Special 1500)₦1001 Day*777#

GLO Monthly Data Plans (30 Days)

GLO Monthly Data (30 Days)PricesDurationGlo Subscription Codes
2.9GB₦1,000One Month*777#
4.1GB₦1,500One Month*777#
5.8GB₦2,000One Month*777#
7.7GB₦2,500One Month*777#
11GB₦3,000One Month*777#
15GB₦4,000One Month*777#
22GB₦5,000One Month*777#
29.5GB₦8,000One Month*777#
50GB₦10,000One Month*777#
93GB₦15,000One Month*777#
119GB₦18,000One Month*777#
138GB₦20,000One Month*777#

GLO Mega Data Plans

GLO Mega DataPricesDurationGlo Subscription Codes
225GB₦30,000One Month*777#
300GB₦36,000One Month*777#
425GB₦50,000One Month*777#
525GB₦60,000Four Months*777#
675GB₦75,000Four Months*777#
1TB₦100,000One Year*777#

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GLO Night Data Plans

GLO Night DataPlans (12am – 6 am)PricesDurationGlo Subscription Codes
250MB₦251 Night*777#
500MB₦501 Night*777#
1GB₦1005 Nights*777#

GLO Weekend DataPlans

GLO Weekend DataPlansPricesDurationGlo Subscription Codes
1.25GB₦2001 Day (Sundays only)*777#

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GLO WTF Dataplans

(For Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook)
PricesDurationGlo Subscription Codes
100MB₦251 Day*777#
200MB₦501 Week*777#
500MB₦1001 Month*777#

GLO Youtube DataPlans

GLO Youtube DataPlansPricesDurationGlo Subscription Codes
100MB₦501 Day*777#
200MB₦1001 Week*777#
500MB₦2501 Month*777#

GLO Instagram, Tiktok and Telegram Data Plans

GLO Instagram, Tiktok and
Telegram DataPlans
PricesDurationGlo Subscription Codes
20MB₦251 Day*777#
50MB₦501 Week*777#
125MB₦1001 Month*777#

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Monthly DataPlans

Monthly DataPlans (30 Days)PricesDurationGlo Subscription Codes
100MB (225MB on campus)₦1002 Days*777#
200MB (450 on campus)₦2004 Days*777#
500MB (1.12GB on campus)₦5001 Week*777#
1GB (2.25GB on campus)₦1,0002 Weeks*777#
2GB (4.5GB on campus)₦2,0001 Month*777#
5GB (11.2GB on campus)₦5,0001 Month*777#

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