How to Check Glo Number in Nigeria – Latest

how to check glo number, how to check glo balance

how to check Glo number, how to check Glo balance

Since the country has multiple telecommunications companies and people are allowed to own several lines from different networks, most Nigerians don’t know all their phone numbers off-head or the means of checking their glo numbers.

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Also know that Glo is one of the best network providers in Nigeria and it offers its subscribers affordable plans like Glo berekete. Glo also runs smoothly on 2G, 3G, 4G, and Glo 5G mobile networks. Its 5G could achieve browsing and download speed at a much faster speed compared to other networks.

How to Check Glo Number in Nigeria

You can check your Glo number through different means which include;

  1. by dialing or call
  2. by confirming your Glo tariff plan
  3. by calling one of your phone contacts
  4. by Using a multi-network USSD code 

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1. Check your Glo Number by Call

To check your phone number through;

  • Simply call 1244 on your smartphone
  • you will receive an activation code from Glo
  • then, an automated voice will dictate your phone number to you

2. Check by confirming your Glo Tariff plan.

You can check your phone number by confirming your Glo Tariff plan

  • simply Dial *777# on your device,
  • then Select 4 (My tariff plan),
  • then  Select 3 (My number) and you will get your phone number.

3. Check
by calling one of your phone contacts

If you have airtime on your phone then you can easily get your phone number by calling another contact close to you. 

  • Simply call one of your contact with your Glo number
  • then tell the person to tell you your number which will come up on the person’s phone.

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4. Check By
Using a multi-network USSD code 

To check your Glo number by multi-network USSD Code

  • Simply dial *135*8#, 
  • then wait for the prompt message which will show your mobile phone number.


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