What do MTN Numbers Start with? – MTN Number Prefixes

mtn numbers start with, MTN Number Prefixes

What do mtn numbers start with? OR What are MTN Number Prefixes? The earliest MTN phone numbers in Nigeria typically start with the numbers “0803,” “0806,” or “0703.”

MTN Nigeria Communications Limited is a subsidiary of the South African multinational telecommunications company MTN Group. It provides a wide range of telecommunications services, including mobile voice and data services, internet connectivity, digital services, enterprise solutions, and other related telecommunications offerings. They have a significant market share in Nigeria and have played a crucial role in the development and expansion of the telecommunications sector in the country.

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MTN Nigeria has extensive network coverage, innovative products and services, and a large customer base across Nigeria. They have contributed to the growth of mobile telephony in Nigeria, offering affordable and accessible communication services to millions of Nigerians.

MTN phone number prefix has changed over the years and by recognizing the phone number prefix, you can determine which network the phone number belongs to since all the Telecommunication providers have different prefixes.

What is a Phone Number Prefix?

A phone number prefix refers to the set of digits that appear at the beginning of a phone number. It helps identify the specific telecommunications carrier or service provider associated with the number. Phone number prefixes are used to identify the network operator or service provider of a mobile phone number. Each network operator has its own unique prefix that follows the country code.

For instance, in Nigeria, the country code is “+234.

MTN number starts with +2348033….,

What does MTN number Start with?

Here’s a breakdown of the MTN number prefixes in Nigeria:

“0703”: This prefix is used for MTN Nigeria’s mobile numbers.

“080”: This prefix is also used for MTN Nigeria’s mobile numbers and is the most common prefix for MTN mobile phone numbers in Nigeria.

“090”: This prefix is used for MTN Nigeria’s mobile numbers that utilize the 4G/LTE network.

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How do you identify MTN Number?

You can identify an MTN number by checking its prefix. MTN number mostly starts with 0803, 0703, and so on. An Example of MTN Number is 08033000000 or 07065000000

You can also dial *123# on your phone to check your MTN Number

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Complete List of MTN Phone Number Prefixes in Nigeria

NetworkMTN Number Prefixes

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List of Telephone Operating Companies in Nigeria

Below is a list of Nigeria telecommunication and service-providing companies

  • MTN Nigeria
  • Glo or Globacom
  • 9mobile (Formerly Etisalat Nigeria)
  • Airtel Nigeria
  • Ntel
  • Multi-Links Telkom
  • Smile
  • ZoomMobile (formerly Reltel)
  • Starcomms

Prefix of All other Network Numbers in Nigeria

Glo Number Prefixes – GLO numbers start with

Mobile NetworkPrefixes
GLO Nigeria0805
GLO Nigeria0905
GLO Nigeria0807
GLO Nigeria0811
GLO Nigeria0705
GLO Nigeria0815
GLO Nigeria0915

Airtel Number Prefixes – Airtel numbers start with

Network ProviderAirtel Number Prefixes
Airtel ng0701
Airtel ng0708
Airtel ng0808
Airtel ng0802
Airtel ng0812
Airtel ng0901
Airtel ng0902
Airtel ng0904
Airtel ng0907
Airtel ng0911
Airtel ng0912

9mobile Number Prefixes (Formally Etisalat) – 9mobile numbers start with

Network Provider9mobile Number Prefixes

Starcomms Number Prefixes – Starcomms numbers start with

Network ProviderStarcomms Number Prefixes

Visafone Number Prefixes

Network ProviderVisafone Number Prefixes

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