Cheapest Data Plans in Nigeria in 2023

We bring to you the cheapest Data plans in Nigeria you can buy in 2021. The MTN revamped data plans and TikTok bundle also covers an event-based data bundle that allows customers to enjoy access to all their favorite content including video uploading, chatting, and downloading.

MTN TikTok Bundle

You can get 200MB for N50 daily, and 2GB for N350 weekly.

Dial *131*3*6# to subscribe.

MTN Revamped Data Plans

The MTN revamped data plans give you more data for the same price. The new revamped data plans now give you 28GB for N3500 in which 4GB is exclusively meant for YouTube streaming from 11PM – 6AM. 

Dial *121# to see the data offers available to you.

While Data plans from N2000 and below still remain the same. Below is the Major Difference between the Old and the New

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PlansPriceOld Data VolumeNew Data Volume
Monthly PlansN30008GB + (4GB for YT streaming)10GB + (4GB for YT streaming)
N3,50010GB + (4GB for YT )12GB + (4GB for YT)
N5,00015GB + (4GB for YT)20GB + (4GB for YT)
2 Months PlanN20,00075GB100GB
3 Months PlanN50,000150GB400GB
6 Months PlanN90,000NEW800GB
12 Months PlanN120,000400GBDecommissioned

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Airtel Nigeria Data Plan

Airtel NG also introduced one of the cheapest data plans which allows you to get 5GB for N1000, 1.5GB for N300, 250MB for N50, and 75MB for N20 few months ago.

Dial *141*242# to check your eligible.

Dial *141# for other Airtel data plan like 20GB for N5000, 16GB for N3000.

9mobile NG

9mobile is giving new customers Free N500 airtime + 1GB and up to 100%, double data offer valid for 12months. All you need to do is to grab a new 9mobile sim and you are in for the offer.

Morelife offers you exclusive more data and airtime. Check more about it here

Note:You can only use 1GB every 7 days on the YouTube mobile app.

N1200 for 2GB
N1500for 3GB
N2000for 4.5GB
N2500 for 6GB
N3000 for 8GB
N3500for 10GB
N5000for 15GB

Dial *131*4# to see your data balance.

Glo Nigeria

Glo is yet to introduce any new data plan other than the last introduced 22X is a prepaid plan and Glo cash token. Dial *777# for other glo data plans.

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