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Union Bank Transfer Code 2024

Union Bank Transfer Code, Union Bank Transfer Codes

What is Union Bank Transfer Code?

Through Internet banking, you can perform different banking operations and the union bank transfer code is one of them. For this to work, you need to have a functioning bank account with union bank and your phone number linked to your bank account. 

The UB transfer code enables clients to complete a range of banking activities using their mobile phones through USSD banking, a convenient method of banking accessible to customers at any time and location.

 In this article, we would dive deeper into all the features of this transfer code.

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Union Bank *826# Transfer Code Features

The Union bank transfer code allows you to do the following;

  • The UB transfer code is *826# and it is free of charge.
  • Check account balance
  • Funds transfer to another Union bank account
  • Open a new account
  • Funds transfer to other Bank accounts
  • Airtime TopUp for self & others
  • Data TopUp for self & others
  • Pay bills
  • Pay merchant
  • The USSD code allows you to send money to other Union bank accounts and other bank accounts, buy data, check account balances, pay bills, buy airtime, and so on.
  • The Union bank USSD code is available 24/7 and you can perform banking transactions any time you want.
  • You can use the code for transfer on MTN, GLO, 9mobile, Airtel, and all Nigeria network providers.

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Union bank transfer codes

How to Activate the Union Bank *826# Transfer Code

In order to make efficient use of UB transfer code, first you must activate the code on your smartphone

To do this, you need to have 

  • an active UB account,
  • a debit/credit card,
  • an active phone number.

Once you have the above, then follow the steps below;

  1. open the call app on your smartphone and dial *826# using the phone number linked to your Union bank account.
  2. then you will receive a pop-up notification requesting your Union bank account number
  3. Enter your 10-digit NUBAN account number
  4. followed by entering the last 6 digits of your Union bank debit/credit card
  5. then enter your 4-digit transfer PIN to authorize the procedure
  6. Now, you have successfully activated the Union bank transfer code on your mobile phone.

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How to Transfer Money via the Union Bank Transfer Code

Follow the procedures below to send money from your Union bank account to another bank account;

Task USSD Code
To send money to another Union bank accountdial *826*1*Amount*Recipient’s Account No#  e.g *826*1*1000*5345678004#
To send money to other Bank accounts dial *826*2*Amount*Recipient’s Account no# e.g  *826*2*5000*3030144430#
– After dialing the code, enter your Union bank transfer PIN to authorize the transaction

Then confirm the recipient’s account details displayed on the screen and your transaction will be initiated

You will get a debit alert once the transaction is successful 

Note: Transfer of funds to other bank accounts will attract a service fee of 10 Naira.

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Union Bank USSD Banking Codes

TaskUSSD Code
Check account balance*826*4#
Data purchase*826*9#
Airtime TopUp for yourself*826*Amount#
Airtime TopUp for others*826*Amount*Recipient’s phone No#
Block your account from your phone number*826*6#
Block your account from other phone numbers*826*6*mobile number#
Request a debit card*826*21#
Request a loan*826*41#
Pay merchants*826*22*merchant code*amount#
Funds transfer to Union Bank account*826*1*Amount*Account No#
Funds transfer to other banks*826*2*Amount*Account no#
Block and unblock debit/credit card*826*21#
Cardless withdrawal*826*7*amount#

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How to Check Account Balance via the Union Bank Transfer Code

Simply follow the steps below to check your union bank account balance via USSD Code;

  1. Dial *826*4# using the phone number linked to your Union bank account
  2. Then provide your Union bank transfer PIN
  3. Enter the 4-digit transfer PIN to authorize the transaction
  4. Your account balance will pop up and also be sent to you via text message.

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Union Bank Transfer Code Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Union Bank Transfer Code?
    The union bank transfer code is *826#
  2. Is there a cost to register on *826#?
    Registering on *826# is absolutely free!! Just dial *826# to register.
  3. Can I make funds transfer on all account types?
    No, you can only make transfers from your individual current or savings account.
    You cannot transact with the following account types: Corporate Accounts, Joint Accounts, Target Savings Accounts & Domiciliary accounts.
  4. What is the charge for funds transfer?
    The charge for fund transfers to other banks is ₦52.50 per transaction. However, It is free to another UBN account.
  5. What is the limit for Airtime Purchase?
    There is a daily cumulative limit of ₦20,000 (Self & 3rd Party) available.
  6. What is OTP Union Bank?
    OTP means to One-Time Password
  7. Why can’t I receive my OTP?
    If you do not receive the OTP on your registered mobile number, check: You have good network connectivity. You have not activated DND (Do Not Disturb) with your mobile operator for the number you have registered with us.
  8. How many digits is Union Bank account number?
    Union banks account number is 12 digits

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