How To Transfer Money on Polaris Bank in Nigeria

Polaris Bank Transfer Code

In this post, I will share with you how to use Polaris bank transfer code, how to buy airtime and how to check your Polaris balance. Polaris is a bank in Nigeria formally known as Skye bank. Polaris bank is efficient and has been making banking easy and safe for its customers.

The Polaris bank transfer code (*833#) is the same as Skye bank transfer code and it allows you to make a transaction on your smartphone without going to the bank. The code allows you to open an account, check your balance, pay bills, buy airtime, transfer funds to other customers, transfer funds to a Polaris account, and block cards.

First-time users should have at least N10 airtime on their phone before dialing the code and you can only use the number attached to your bank account.

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How to Signup with Polaris Bank Transfer Code

To signup on Polaris mobile, simply follow the steps below;

  • Dial *833# from your Polaris Bank registered line
  • Follow the prompts to enter your account Number
  • Enter any 4 digit number to be used as a PIN e.g 5434
  • Your balance will be displayed
  • You are now registered for *833# Smart Banking

Polarismobile Quick Smart Codes 

  • Open an account – *833*1#  
  • Pay bills – *833*2#  
  • Transfer funds – *833*3#  
  • Block your lost/stolen ATM card – *833*4#  
  • Check your balance – *833*6#  
  • Pay with MasterPass – *833*7#  
  • Airtime top-up – *833*8#  

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How to Transfer Money from Polaris Bank using USSD Code

There are two means of sending or transferring funds from Polaris to other banks using the USSD code and it is only possible on the registered line with your Polaris bank.

Follow the steps below;


  •  Dial *833*Amount*Account Number# (e.g. *833*500*4234577890#)
  • Select the bank of the account you want to transfer to
  • Verify the account Name
  • Select which of your accounts you want to transfer from
  • Enter your PIN to complete the transaction (Please use your PolarisMobile PIN if you are a PolarisMobile user or enter the 4 digit PIN created during your registration for *833# registration)


  • Dial *833# and select option 3 (Transfers) or Dial *833*3#
  • Select the account to debit
  • Select the receiver’s bank
  • Enter the Account Number you would like to transfer to and click ‘Send’
  • Confirm the Account name and enter the ‘Amount’ to transfer
  • Enter your Pin to complete the transaction

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How to Check Balance on Polaris Bank using Smartcode

To check your Polaris bank balance, follow the steps below;

• Dial *833*6# from your Polaris Bank registered line.

• Select option 6 to check your account balance.

  • Follow the prompts to enter your account Number
  • Enter any 4 digit number to be used as a PIN (Please use your PolarisMobile PIN if you are a PolarisMobile user or enter the 4 digit PIN created during your registration for *833# registration)

N.B: Please note there is a N10 charge to check your Polaris bank balance

How to Top-up Airtime on Polaris

Dial *833*AMOUNT# to buy Airtime for yourself or dial *833*Amount*Phonenumber# to buy airtime for others and follow the on-screen prompts to keep the conversation going.
You can also dial *833# from your mobile phone, select options, and follow the on-screen prompts.

Self Top-up

  • Dial *833*AMOUNT# from your registered line with Polaris Bank and you will be credited after.

Third-Party Top-up

  • Dial *833*AMOUNT*PHONENUMBER# (e.g. *833*500*08002234104#)
  • Select account
  • Select network
  • Select Account to Debit
  • Enter Pin
  • You can also buy Airtime by following the steps below;
    • Dial *833#
    • Select option 8 on the menu (Airtime top-up) and click on send
    • Select option 2 for the third party
    • Select the account to debit
    • Select receivers network
    • Enter receiver’s phone number
    • Enter airtime amount
    • Enter pin (this should be PolarisMobile PIN for PolarisMobile users)

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How to Change your PIN on *833#

To change your transaction pin, simply follow the steps below;

  • Dial *833# from your smartphone
  • then select option 9 or * on the menu (other services)
  • Select option 1 for PIN change
  • Select the account number you would like to change the pin for
  • Enter your current PIN or default pin (where a PIN reset has been done) in the “OLD PIN field and send
  • Enter a new PIN
  • ReEnter your new PIN for confirmation
  • then submit

Transaction limits and Charges

The threshold limit for daily transfers is N50,000. However, you can increase this limit by using the mobile app.

Transfer from Polaris to Polaris costs 10.50 Naira while Polaris to other banks costs 52.50 Naira.

It is important to know that the USSD code service is only available to savings and current account holders.

Other things you Should know about Polaris Bank Transfer Code

  • You don’t need active internet to use the USSD code
  • The code works on all networks like Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile, and MTN.
  • The USSD code works 24/7

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