Google Photos app to get a new UI editor soon

Google seems to be trying a new editor UI for its Google Photos app. This is evident from a screenshot afforded by @wongmjane, a specialist at revealing upcoming features of the apps.

In regards to the picture (featured above) made known on her Twitter account, there is a key transformation in the UI of the editor. Presently, the editor UI of the Google Photos app illustrates five options at the bottom of the editing page. And it includes Adjust, Filters, Crop, Extensions, and Doodle. All of them are symbolized by their individual logos. However, this is about to change in the latest update.

The screenshots revealed that the editor UI of the app will now demonstrate text for all these categories fairly than their current icon symbols. The latest text fields are “Suggestions,” “Crop,” “Adjust,” “Filters,” and “More.” All of them have their unchanged functionality, although there are further minute changes at this time.

The suggestion tab consists of options like Auto, Color Pop, and B&W. The option “Auto” was first incorporated in the “Filters” category with further options similar to Eiffel, Metro e.t.c. This is currently accommodated within Suggestions for a quick edit following all suggestions are what AI suggests. Every one of these categories through their text representations sits above Cancel and Save copy buttons. Also, there is one extra slab of options that sits above them. A range of options gets opened when you choose a category. For example, clicking on Adjust will unlock options like Contrast and Exposure and on the upper carousel to advance the look and colors of an image.Google Photos

Presently, the Save copy option exists in on the top right corner of the editor UI in Google Photos.

Jane frequently uncovers the unknown features of the apps that the developers experiment internally. It is not required that these features will land on the apps soon. Occasionally these features take months to show up. However, an answer back to Jane’s tweet on the same development reveals that the latest editor UI will land very soon. An Indonesian user also made public the snapshot of the editor page showing off that he also received the latest UI. This reveals Google may be trying the feature with a lot of users by now.

Let’s see when this new editing UI gets to all every user.


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