How to Check Dstv IUC Number – 5 Unique Ways in 2024

DSTV IUC Number, dstv smart card number

What is My DSTV IUC Number?

DSTV IUC number/dstv smart card number is a unique identifier associated with your DSTV subscription. It is a 10-digit number that is usually located on the front of your DSTV smartcard.  It can be found on the label below your decoder which is written as IUC/SC XXXXXXXXXX.

 You can also find it on your DSTV subscription payment receipt or on the “DSTV Self Service” section of the DSTV website if you have an online account.

For earlier models of DStv decoders, just remove the smartcard from your decoder, and the smartcard number is the 10-digit number printed on the card.

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How to Check/Find Dstv IUC Number – 5 unique Ways

To find your DStv IUC-number, you can follow the steps below:

1. Check on your Decoder:

Look for the smartcard or smart card number on the front panel of your DStv decoder. It is typically a 10-digit number and It can be found on the label underneath your decoder clearly written IUC/SC XXXXXXXXXX.

How to Check Dstv IUC Number

2. Check on the DSTV Smartcard:

If the smart card number is not on the front or back panel of your decoder, remove the smartcard from your decoder and you will find it on it. The 10-digit number on the smartcard is your IUC number.

3. Check Your Subscription Receipt:

Another way to find your DSTV smart card number is through your subscription receipt. If you have a subscription receipt, the IUC number is often printed on it.

4. Use the DStv Self Service:

Log in to the DStv Self Service portal on the DStv website (https://www.dstv.com).

 Then Navigate to the “My Account” or similar section, where you may find your IUC number.

5. Contact DSTV Customer Support:

If you are unable to find your IUC number, contact DStv customer support. They can assist you in locating the information. You can reach them through the customer helpline or online chat. You can also see different ways on How to Contact DStv Customer Care in Nigeria in this article.

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Remember to keep your IUC-number confidential and only share it with authorized DStv representatives when necessary.


1. How can I know my DSTV smart card number?

It can be found on the label below your decoder which is written as IUC/SC XXXXXXXXXX.

2. Can you use IUC-number to pay DStv?

Yes you can.

  • Simply Enter *170# on your MTN line,
  • opt for “pay bill” in the provided menu,
  • select “DStv,” and input your IUC or Smartcard number.

3. Can I use my DStv account on my phone?

Yes you can use your dstv account on your phone through DStv App, you have the capability to live stream all the channels included in your DStv package through your smartphone, tablet, Android and Apple TV, along with certain Smart TVs and gaming consoles.

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