Dstv Business Packages and Prices in Nigeria

Dstv Business, dstv business packages

Dstv Business, dstv business packages

The recently launched new DStv Business packages for businesses and corporate organizations in Nigeria contain curated content at a great value to fit various businesses, are also aimed at ensuring these business owners and organizations enjoy the ultimate TV experience, all in High definition (HD). Are you also looking for dstv hotel package price in Nigeria or Best DStv Packages For Hotels, this can also serve hotels.

“We always ask ourselves how we can make our customers experience better for businesses. We have revamped our DStv Business packages, offering business owners the right mixture of entertainment to enhance the experience of guests and staff. At the end of the day, your guests will always remember how you made them feel” says John Ugbe, Chief Executive Officer, MultiChoice Nigeria.

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DStv Business Packages in Nigeria

There are three packages which include DStv stay, DStv Play, and DStv work.

Each package is designed to suit the particular needs of clubs, hotels, offices, bars,  restaurants, etc. You can subscribe to the package that suits your business.

DStv Business Packages
DStv Business Packages

1. DStv Stay Package

The Stay packages are specific to in-room viewing and are targeted to accommodation establishments such as Bed and Breakfasts, hotels, and lodges. It is suitable for hotels, lodges, serviced apartments, resorts. 


  • Superior HD viewing
  • Better star ratings
  • More in room-dining
  • More frequent guests

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2. DStv Play Package

The Play packages ensure that your patrons will always enjoy premium entertainment, guaranteeing you an improved customer experience, high return rate, and more customers through your doors. With 3 convenient tailored package options to suit your public viewing needs, you’ll be giving your business a competitive edge with more channels to offer.


  • Superior HD viewing
  • More Customers
  • Happy Client
  • High Return Rate

3. DStv Work Package

The package gives your staff a stimulating work environment and keep them well informed with the Work package from DStv Business, providing a plethora of entertainment, including news, commerce, sport, and weather updates. This package also offers great entertainment for your customers when used in your reception area or waiting room.


  • Superior HD Viewing
  • Informed Staff
  • More Engagement
  • Improved Morale

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Dstv Business Packages Price

For prices of DStv Business packages, simply;


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