9 Most Important SEO Guides to Help you Rank on Google

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SEO guideline, google SEO guideline,

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the means of improving the content and the quality of website traffic to a website and a means to rank higher on search engines. Over the years, SEO has become an important aspect of web ranking for content creators, authors, web developers, and so on. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than paid traffic.

SEO has changed a lot from how it worked in the early as Google makes updates from time to time. In this regard, it is important for one to keep up in order to get the best organic traffic from search engines. However, maintaining an effective SEO strategy requires a lot of commitment.  In this article, I will address the 9 most important SEO guides to help you rank on google first page.

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9 Important SEO Guide

1. Secure your website (HTTPS encryption) – seo guideline

seo guideline

The term SSL is known as Secure Sockets Layer. SSL Certificate is a small data file that digitally binds a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the security padlock and the https protocol provides secure connections from a web server to a browser.

Any web URL that starts with “https://”  has a secured certificate. Your connection to such a website is encrypted and your data is protected, while a web URL (http://) without  “s”  is running on a non-secure certificate. Your connection to the website without an SSL certificate is not secured and your data can be exposed to hackers.

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2. Keywords Are important for SEO

The search engine bots look for the right keyword in your content and then place your content in an order of ranking in SERP. Keywords optimization is an important google seo guideline that helps search engines to track the best articles and as well attract users. Over the years, search queries became more conversational as updates from Google also focused on better understanding these types of queries through natural language processing. Using the right keyword for your post images also helps you to rank higher on google.

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3. Submit your website and sitemap to Webmastertools

Google finds content through web crawlers and by submitting your website to google, you allow Google to keep track of your website and perform updates whenever changes are made. Google Analytics helps you to keep track of visitors’ behavior, experience, the content they are visiting, what they are interested in, the time spent on your website, and so on. Google Webmaster tools also help you to understand what is working and what is not. It helps you to measure your success and where to improve. So, submit your website and sitemap to google webmaster tool and google analytics. You should also submit your website to Bing webmaster tool and Yandex webmaster tools.

4. Meta Descriptions Are Important For SEO

seo guideline
seo guideline

A meta description is a google seo guidline that is important for ranking. It is a short note below the post title that searchers see when search engine presents them with search result which today has become an important factor in SEO ranking. Writing unique content means you are providing a great user experience and a path to ranking the first page on google. it is important to know that Google does not promote plagiarized content and you should write a unique meta description that would make your content stand out. Website builder like WordPress makes it easy for you to add meta description to your content by using plugins like Yoast SEO.

5. No more than one H1 per page

SEO Guides

Header tags are important in SEO. It helps you to structure your content in an organized manner and It makes it very easy for web crawlers to measure the relevance of web content. H1 is important for SEO In the hierarchy of headings and should not be more than one on every page. It allows web crawlers to look for focus keywords on your post page.

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6. Takeout anything that is or could slow down your website

Takeout anything that is or could slow down your website

Do you ever wonder why most users don’t stay long on your site? Loading speed is one of the reasons, as it is an important factor for SEO. A site with a faster load time would have a low bounce rate. It is recommended by Google that a faster site shouldn’t take more than 3 seconds.

Research has shown that Google keeps track of the time it takes your website to get responses and present content to the user. According to eConsultancy, ” 40% of users leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. With that, you understand how important it is to have a fast-loading website. using limited plugins or fewer widgets could put you on the right path.

You can use the google developer tool to check your site load speed.

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7. Get more backlinks from trusted sites – seo guideline

Get more banklinks from trusted sites

Backlinks are an important aspect of SEO, it helps your website gain more dominance on search engine. in the past, backlinking wasn’t of great importance but today, it’s one of the major factors for ranking. By creating quality content, you create a channel for other people to link to your site. you can also earn backlinks by writing a blog post for other relevant blogs within your niche.

google seo guideline

8. Use short post titles and Meaningful URLs
It is important to use an understandable blog title and meaningful URL. it should be easy for users to understand and for web crawlers to target the keyword in your URL.

9. Use the right keywords for your images

keyword for Image ranking

Using the right keywords for your post images would help your search engine optimization. Google has a separate section dedicated to showing image results to users. Sometimes, users find the articles or posts they are looking for by browsing through the image section. so, using the appropriate keyword means your images would rank first on google.

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  • Write and publish informative content frequently. Write engaging and unique content and respect copyrights.
  • Content on your web homepage should be clear and organized. it should show all important links of your websites like sitemap, contact, disclaimer, term of service, privacy policy, etc.
  • optimize and use images that are relevant to the post. Use target keywords for the title of the content images and also add alt text to the images
  • Update old posts once in a while to keep their relevance on search engines. Then informs search engines of this update by re-submitting the post or article URL to webmaster tools.
  • Domain age also adds some value to your ranking on Google, don’t change your domain name unless it is absolutely necessary. The older it gets the higher the relevance.
  • Your website should be mobile-friendly with good load speed. Test your website speed by using free tools like Google pagespeed Insight or Gtmetrix
  • Share your content on social platforms to gain more dominance.

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