how to Hide Instagram Story from Everyone

In this post, I will share with you how to hide Instagram story from everyone, hide Instagram story, or how you can block anyone from seeing or viewing your Instagram live or story. When you start an Instagram live or join someone on Instagram live, your followers would automatically get a popup notification that you are on a live video and they can also see it in their stories. 

So, how do you block people or followers that you don’t want to join your Instagram live? this question is what I will address in this article.

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How to Hide Instagram Story From Everyone

To hide your Instagram live or story, simply;

1. log in to your Instagram account

2 click on “settings” as you can see in the image below

how to Hide Instagram Story from Everyone

3. Then select “privacy”

hide Instagram story

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4. Tap on “Story” as listed under “Interactions”

5. Then tap on “Hide Story From and tap on everyone if you wish to block all your followers.

how to Hide Instagram Story from Everyone

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6. If otherwise, then you can block them individually by selecting or by searching as you can see in the image below

7. Once you are done selecting, tap on done.

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hide instagram story

Another quick way you can block someone from seeing or viewing your Instagram story is by tapping on the three dots next to their name, and then select “Hide Story From and you are done.

Also, note that all of your unblocked followers would still get popup notifications whenever you go live.

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