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What is the Most Costly Domain Name or most expensive Domain Name? As the internet continues to grow and expand, the value of a domain name has become increasingly important. domain names can also be a good investment if they contain generic or common keywords with popular extensions. The process of investing in domain names is similar to any other investment. It involves purchasing domain names at a low price and then selling them at a higher price.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 15 most costly domain names of all time, and what makes them so valuable. We have also written several articles on domain names that can guide you if you are willing to go into the domain name business. We recommend the articles below:

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Top 15 Most Costly Domain Names

RANKDOMAIN NAMESALE PRICEDATE SOLD$90,000,000first payment in 2005$49,700,000 2010$35,600,000 2010$35,000,0002009$30,100,000 2012$30,000,000May 30, 2019$18,000,0002009$17,000,0002015$16,000,0002009
10sex. com$14,000,000January 1, 2005$11,000,000December 6, 2018$11,000,000September 1, 2001$9,999,950March 11, 2008
14porn. com$9,500,000June 5, 2007$8,888,888February 4, 2015

1. – $90 Million was bought at the cumulative price of $90,000,000. LLC, the buyer, signed a contract to pay for exclusive domain ownership under this agreement;

  • Initial one-time payment of $12 million in 2005.
  • $83,000 monthly for 36 months after that.
  • $125,000 monthly for the next 60 months.
  • $208,000 monthly for the next 36 months.

After completing 132 months of payment, LLC may terminate the domain ownership. If not, they can continue paying $208,000 every month until 2040 to keep its status as the domain owner. By then, LLC will finally obtain full ownership of with an estimated domain value of up to $90 million.

Until now, is accessible as a functional website that displays information about hotels and tourist attractions in Las Vegas. 

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2. – $49.7 million

The second most costly domain name is offers comparable functionalities to the two other domain names that are also owned by QuinStreet. The company acquired the domain name for $49.7 million as part of their strategic investment in the automotive insurance sector.

3. – $35.6 million

QuinStreet Inc. owns yet another costly domain name called QuinStreet made a strategic investment of $35.6 million to acquire this domain name and take over premium domain names in the insurance industry. is a highly popular and generic keyword in search engines, and it was originally used as an insurance agency’s website.

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4. – $35 million

In 2009, HomeAway, which is a company that specializes in travel and leisure, acquired the domain name for a sum of $35 million. The primary motivation behind this purchase was to prevent their rival company, Expedia, from acquiring the same domain name.

The domain now redirects to, which is a division of HomeAway’s business. offers a service where tourists can find host families who will provide them with accommodation during their vacation.

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5. – $30.1 million

In 2012, Nations Luxury Transportation, LLC, which operates under the Don’t Look Media Group, purchased the domain name for $30.1 million. The primary objective behind this acquisition was to target high society clients as the leading provider of jet charter travel services. The website’s goal was to offer comprehensive coverage of luxury lifestyles, particularly for those who use private jets around the world, with a 24/7 availability.

However, today if you enter the domain name into your browser, it will redirect you to an article on is a website that provides the latest news, products, and services related to luxury, rather than exclusively focusing on private jets.

6. – $30 million was acquired by in 2019, for $30 million from MicroStrategy, an American software company. had offered $150,000 for the domain name, but Michael J. Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, rejected the offer, stating that was worth at least $10 million. domain name is now available to the public as an NFT (non-fungible token) platform that promotes sustainability through the use of blockchain technology. It indicates on its website that Voice is a team of technologists, artists, and curators using the transformative power of NFTs to make digital art collectible.

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7. – $18 million

QuinStreet Inc. acquired the valuable domain name in 2009 after it was sold by its previous owner, WebMediaBrands, for a hefty $18 million. This investment was part of the company’s strategy to enhance the value of their business.

8. – $17 million

The China-based company Qihoo 360 purchased the domain name in 2015 from Vodafone Group, a UK-based telecommunications company, for a record-breaking $17 million. Qihoo 360 specializes in developing antivirus software programs to safeguard electronic devices. The domain redirects to the company’s original Chinese product page, while customers from other countries can utilize their services by visiting the website

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9. – $16 million

QuinStreet bought the domain name for $16 million in 2009, following an economic downturn the previous year. QuinStreet has achieved success in the banking and insurance industries The acquisition was intended to attract more customers to their offerings, providing news, quotes, and articles on choosing the best insurance, as well as allowing visitors to gather information and compare prices from various insurance providers on the site.

10. $14,000,000

The domain name “” is one of the most controversial and highly sought-after domain names on the internet. It was first registered in 1994 by Gary Kremen, but it was stolen a year later by a notorious con man named Stephen Cohen, who made millions from its traffic and content.

In 2000, the domain name was finally recovered by Kremen in a court settlement with Cohen, and he put it up for auction in 2006. The winning bid of $14 million came from a company called Escom LLC, owned by a businessman named Anil Dhirubhai Ambani, who is the younger brother of one of India’s richest men.

Ambani’s purchase of “” was considered a strategic move to help his company expand its internet and media businesses. However, the acquisition was not without controversy, as it was discovered that the winning bid was made by a former Escom employee who was later fired for embezzlement.

Why these Domain Names Are So Expensive

So what makes these domain names so valuable? There are several factors that contribute to the high price tags. First, they are all short and memorable. A short and catchy domain name is easier for people to remember and type into their browser, which makes it more valuable.

Second, they are all in high-demand industries. Car insurance, private jets, and vacation rentals are all lucrative industries, and having a domain name that matches the industry can be a major advantage. Third, they are all easy to monetize. These domain names are all related to businesses that can generate significant revenue, either through direct sales or through advertising.

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What Are the Benefits of Owning a Premium Domain Name?

Owning a premium domain name can be a major advantage for any business. It can help establish credibility and trust with customers, make it easier to rank in search engines, and increase brand recognition. Additionally, it can be a valuable asset that can be sold or leased to other businesses.

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