Valuable Domain Name Keywords

Most Valuable Domain Keywords

What are the most valuable domain keywords? This article will show you some of the popular and most valuable domain keywords.

In our last two posts, we wrote about how to find a domain name and domain expiration process

I don’t know about 3-5 decades from now, but as of today domain has become an important aspect of the Internet, a key factor in online business. It is in good interest to always buy a domain name that is relevant or aligns with your business purpose as it will help the direction of your online business. If you are lucky enough to get a popular domain keyword, then you get more leads. 

According to Dofo, more than 50 million domains are registered every year, which indicates that almost 100 domain names are registered every minute.

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According to squardhelp analysis, the list below is the most popular 20 domain name keywords and other popular domain keywords.

Top 20 Domain Keywords

Keywords Domain Count
online 1.53 million
group 1.52 million
shop 1.35 million
home 1.31 million
design 1.1 million
life 1.1 million
tech 1 million
art 909 thousand
web 907 thousand
pro 906 thousand
services 887 thousand
solutions 817 thousand
media 810 thousand
auto 804 thousand
service 798 thousand
studio 767 thousand
club 765 thousand
health 749 thousand
world 731 thousand

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Top Domain Sales of Keywords

According to squardhelp,

When we look at Top domain sales of Top 10 keywords, some popular keywords are on the list for a different reason. For example, the keyword art is the 8th most popular keyword. When we look at top sales, we see domain sales such as earthgartenmshoppingcart. Since some keywords are included in some words, they are in the most popular keyword list. 

Keywords Domains Prices
SHOP $3,500,000
ART $800,000
HOME $570,000
ONLINE $510,000
HOME $500,000
SHOP $500,000
ART $450,000
ART $360,000
HOME $350,000
SHOP $285,000
ART $285,000
ART $214,500
ART $214,500
SHOP $200,000
SHOP $196,803
LIFE $171,750
HOME $166,650
SHOP $166,000
ONLINE $165,000
SHOP $160,320

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Popular Domain Extensions and Top Keywords

.COM is the most popular extension with more than 152 million domain names. 

Extensions after .com, respectively, include .NET.CN.DE.ORG.UK.ICU.TK.INFO and .NL.

Top Extensions Top Keyword
.COM group
.NET group
.CN 有限公司*
.DE online
.ORG foundation
.UK services
.ICU clicks
.TK free
.INFO today
.NL online

The global top keyword online is also the most used keyword for 2 extensions: .DE and .NL

The second most preferred keyword group is the most used keyword for 2 extensions as well: .COM and .NET

Keyword 有限公司, ranked 1st in the .CN extension, means limited company in the Chinese language.
Top keywords for .COM, the most preferred extension, is as follows:

Keywords Count
group 896 thousand
home 848 thousand
online 758 thousand
shop 706 thousand
life 630 thousand
design 622 thousand
services 541 thousand
tech 539 thousand
art 527 thousand
solutions 485 thousand
pro 461 thousand
inc 458 thousand
llc 447 thousand
you 435 thousand
media 431 thousand
health 427 thousand
real 422 thousand
studio 421 thousand
music 416 thousand
new 416 thousand

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Top Keywords of YC Companies

We also analyzed the domain preferences of more than 2 thousand companies invested by Y Combinator. As a result of our analysis; the most preferred keywords are:

Keywords Count
get 66
go 53
app 49
lab 41
health 35
car 32
one 31
tech 20

Among these Y Combinator companies, get is the most preferred keyword with 66 domains.

Get ranks 72nd in the Top 100 keyword list.

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in squadhelp’s analysis and Conclusion; 

We have included all domains from the first registered domain to our analysis/article.

  • When the top keywords of all times are examined monthly, they rank at the top as well. Seven out of 10 domains are in the Top 10 list in the last 2 months. 
  • Top keywords for .COM, the most preferred extension, shows a similar pattern to the general distribution.
  • Generally, companies that cannot buy exact brand match domains choose different domains by adding words like online.  Later, companies could buy their exact brand-match domains. The fact that words like online, the, etc. registered too much does not mean that such domains are precious. Popular websites usually use brand domains that do not contain such words.
  • Unlike the general order, the keywords preferred in newly established startups can be seen in the Y Combinator companies, containing new keywords like labapptech, and car.  It will be higher in the overall ranking soon.

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