6 Reasons Why you Should buy a Custom Domain

custom domain, custom domain on gmail

Custom Domain, custom domain on gmail

Evidently, most bloggers start their blogging careers by signing up for free blog hosting on Content management systems like WordPress or but do not realize the disadvantages of using these platforms which are considered as subdomains.

Using content hosting management is only meant to give you a head start. While buying a domain makes your web or blog appears to users as a serious and trusted platform, especially when your website is secured with SSL.

There are a lot of questions that come to your mind when you are at the point of purchasing a domain. you start asking yourself if you actually need one! yet, you need it.

There is a lot of advantage that comes with owning a domain and below are some of the reasons why you should buy one.

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1. Grow your business

Having a domain would allow you to grow your business. Once your blog attracts traffic and readership, you can offer guest posting, product reviews, sale banners, and earn day and night. Sponsors will advertise at platforms where they find quality traffic. Subdomain holders are always underestimated even if they have a plausible traffic strength.

2. Trust & Respect

websites or blogs with top-level domains (TLD)  are considered more valuable than blogs with subdomains such as .wordpress or domain name example is

Link exchange with niche blogs or expanding your blogging circle is only possible when you join the .com. you attract more visitors and eventually advertisers will come for you.

3. Most Advertising services do not accept subdomains

Some Services do not accept subdomains which means that you would be losing 40% of revenue potential if you are running your blog on a subdomain. you can also find a domain name by using this Free Domaintool

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4. Higher Ranking in search engines

Once people notice your blog and it starts attracting visitors, your ranking on SERPs will increase. the more Diggs, Stumbles, and Likes you receive the better you go higher but all these social favors are possible only when you own your branded domain and not a free one which discourages readership and content sharing.
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5. Increase in Subscribers 

Visitors will follow your website more when they know you offer valuable content. while a domain, would give them a low impression of your content or article.  Having a TLD is enough evidence that you are taking your work seriously.

6. More Share and Bookmark for TLD

Since your TLD would give users a good impression, most users would tend to bookmark and share your content, while some would share it on other social media platforms. This way, you get returning visitors to your blog or website


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