Top 6 Audio-based Social Media Apps for Android and iOS

Everything is changing and people are also moving from traditional networking apps to audio-based Social Media Apps. Today, people meet for public and private discussions on audio-based apps like clubhouse, locker room, etc. The visibility of these audio apps came to light during the pandemic which obviously has more advantages over text and image-based social apps.

In this article, I will discuss the top 6 audio-based social media apps you can start using to discuss and connect with people around the world.


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1. Clubhouse


Clubhouse is an audio-based social networking app that allows people to connect and discuss which was launched in April 2020. You can join different rooms on different topics and you can also create a club once you meet the criteria. Just recently, the messaging option was added to the app, which allows you to send a private message to other people.

Also, you have to be invited by someone before you can join the app. The app is available on iOS and android. You can download via the buttons below;

Download app on Applestore | Download app on playstore

2. Locker Room

locker room audio app

Locker Room is also an audio-based social media for fans, insiders, and athletes. You can connect or join the conversation about the news, trades, rumors, etc. The app is good for lovers of the sport to discuss sports and other general topics. The Locker Room app is currently available for iOS only. You can download from the link below;

Download app on Applestore

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3. Greenroom

Greenroom app

Greenroom is a music streaming service launched by Spotify. The greenroom app is a Spotify-owned application that provides audio chat services like the Clubhouse app. The app allows people to create topics, connect and discuss. The app’s UI color is green which is also the color of the Spotify logo. The app is available for iOS and android and you can download the app from the links below;

Download app on ApplestoreDownload app on playstore

4. Spaces (Twitter spacer)

Twitter Spaces

 Spaces is a social media app created by Twitter for live audio conversations. The app allows you to join and create a topic like the other audio apps which were inspired by clubhouse.

To create a Space,

  • go to your Twitter home page and
  • Click/select on the compose tweet button 
  • then, select the Spaces icon.
  • Click on it to start your Space.
  • Next, allocate your Space a name then select the Start your Space icon.

The Twitter Spaces are public which anyone can join as a Listener and also engage in conversation. The Twitter app is available for Android and iOS and you can download it through the link below;

Download app on Applestore | Download app on playstore

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5. Leher

leher audio app

Leher is a live discussion social app. you can drop into club rooms and discuss with your network, community, or friends. It allows you to connect with people around the world and grow your network. You can also do a video Podcast on Leher app and grow your audience through interactive discussions. This app is available on Android and iOS and you can download it from the link below;

Download app on Applestore | Download app on playstore

6. Yalla

Yalla group voice chat

Yalla is also a popular audio-based social media apps for voice chat and play games with people from nearby or all over the world.  You can also do group voice talking with friends, you can also broadcast your favorite music inside the room, sing karaoke together, and play a range of games directly in group chat. The Yalla app is available on iOS and android and you can download it from the links below;

Download app on Applestore | Download app on playstore


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