Realme Teases – Smartphone with an Under-Display Camera

Realme Teases – Smartphone with an Under-Display Camera. Further brands are as well working on smartphones with the same technology, and the newest one to join the collection is Realme. The ZTE Axon 20 5G uncovered previously this month is the world’s opening smartphone with an under-display camera to go on sale . 

Realme VP Xu Qi Chase posted an image of a smartphone on Weibo that has no notch or a punch hole for the selfie camera, and he made clear in the post’s comments that the device won’t come with a pop-up mechanism also, which means that it is using under-display camera tech.

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Realme Teases

Chase didn’t make it known of any other details of this smartphone and it’s unclear when precisely Realme will unveil it, however, it might be the Chinese phone maker’s subsequent flagship.

Although, this is not the first Realme smartphone with a notch-less display. It’s the Realme X that was announced in July, which came with a pop-up selfie camera.

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Realme Teases

But, the company hasn’t launched a smartphone with a pop-up mechanism before, but considering Realme’s Indian and European CEO Madhav Sheth’s reply to this tech in a discussion couple of months ago, we will likely see a new Realme smartphone with a pop-up selfie camera.

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