Floating chat head bubbles option may be added to Android Telegram Messages soon

Telegram for Android may soon add floating chat head bubbles option for messages as the testing around the same is apparently going on. As discovered first by the folks at TestingCatalog and later backed by XDA Developers as well, the feature is buried inside the beta version 6.3.0 of the app and can be enabled as well.

The chat head bubbles feature makes bubbles of conversations and put them at the forefront of your device so that you can access them quickly. This feature cuts down the steps that include opening the app first and going to the contact you want to send a message to.

While several messaging apps, like Messenger, already support floating chat bubbles option, it is going to be the part of Telegram only now. WhatsApp allows you to make a chat head of your conversations by making a shortcut of that conversation, but it does not allow floating of those chats. The floating feature of the chat heads can hover over other apps as well just like the chat heads of Messenger.

The new chat bubbles option in Telegram works in the beta version 6.3.0 of the app and you would need to access the debug menu first in order to enable chat bubbles function. Also, as reported, the new feature is available with devices running Android 10.

Now, simply open Telegram’s Settings and look for the app version which is written at the bottom outside the Settings menu. Long-press on this app version until you see the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ emoji. Then, long-press on the app version once again to show the debug menu. Now inside this menu, tap “Enable chat bubbles” to show bubbles for incoming messages.

If you want to try this feature out then first join the Telegram Beta for Android but first make sure your device is running Android 10. Furthermore, if you are running Android 10 already, you will need to enable “Bubbles” in the Developer Options for it to work.

It was made know by XDA that Telegram’s chat head bubbles are not working on Android 11 at all. This may change as chat head bubbles is a main feature of Android 11.


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