Airtel Smartrybe Night Plan Activation and Deactivation code

Airtel night plan, Airtel Smartrybe Night Plan

Airtel night plan – Airtel smartrybe night plan is a package that allows subscribers to get 500mb for N25 and 1.5Gb with just N200 and enjoy cheap data rates when browsing at night. You can activate the plan by using USSD codes.

This plan allows you to surf the net from 12am-5am. To enjoy the smartrybe Airtel night plan you have to first migrate to the plan.

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Note that this offer is only available to Airtel Smartrybe Tariff Plan Subscribers.

How To Migrate To Smartrybe

  1. Simply dail *312# 
  2. then select 1 to confirm the migration.

For 1.5GB Night-Plan Activation Code

  1. Dial *312#
  2. Press 3 to get the Trybe offers.
  3. Then press 2 to subscribe for the N200-1500MB.
  4. This is only Valid between 12am-5am.

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For 500MB Night-Plan Activation Code

  1. Dial *312#
  2. then Press 3 to confirm the Trybe activation.
  3. Then Press 1 to subscribe for the N25-500MB.
  4. This is only Valid between 12am-5am.

Airtel night plan

How To Deactivate Airtel-Night Plan

To deactivate the Plan, simply Dial *121*5# 

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How To Check Airtel Night-Plan Balance

To check your Airtel Night plan balance;

  1. Simply dial *141#
  2. Then press * and then press SEND
  3. After the “Check data balance” comes up,
  4. then press 7 and press SEND to select “Check data balance.

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