WhatsApp is trying read later, video mute and wallpaper features

WhatsApp has been noticed trying a total of three new beta features. These new features are believed to be muting video before sending, reading messages later, and wallpaper support. These beta features are in trying mode currently on Android and iOS platforms with availability restricted to some chosen users.

The first feature WhatsApp is trying is the ability to mute videos before sharing them. It can be of use in different conditions, especially for the videos that users record themselves. Such videos end up having sounds that do not essentially bring any positivity to the video. As for muting the video, the user will basically need to click on the volume logo under the video trimming edge.

Another beta feature WhatsApp is trying is the Read Later, which will replace the Archive Chats feature. This will allow users to continue some chats separately from the major conversations for which they do not want to get notifications. Once you select a chat, you’ll stop receiving notifications from that chat even if you did not mute it. One new inclusion is that users will be permitted to decide if archived chats should remain there or develop into a part of the main chats interface subsequent to getting new messages.

Finally, WhatsApp is planning to add new wallpapers to the application. It is believed that there are about 32 new Bright wallpapers, 29 new dark wallpapers together with custom wallpaper and Solid wallpapers to be added. This will make users to choose special wallpapers for every chat as well as regulate the opacity.


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Olamilekan Adebanji

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