Gotv Packages, Gotv Prices, and Self-Service in Nigeria – 2024

Gotv Packages, GOTV subscription, Gotv Prices and Self-Service

Gotv packages in Nigeria – 

GOtv Nigeria is a cable television company in Nigeria that offers different gotv packages for many Nigerian residents with financial constraints. Most Nigeria who can’t afford dstv packages go for gotv subscriptions because it is affordable.

GOtv Nigeria is a product of Multichoice Group and it is owned by DStv. It offers a variety of channels and packages at affordable prices, making it a preferred choice for many households in the country. GOtv Nigeria is known for its reliable service and diverse content, including movies, sports, news, and other TV programs. It operates on a digital platform, allowing subscribers to access high-quality digital TV broadcasts without the need for a satellite dish.

In this article, you will learn about different Gotv packages and prices.

Gotv Packages and Prices in Nigeria

GOtv Nigeria offers five packages with different prices:

PackagesChannelsGotv Prices
Gotv Smallie35+ channels₦1,100
Gotv Jinja45+ channels₦2,250
Gotv Jolie65+ channels₦3,300
Gotv Max75+ channels₦4,850
Gotv Supa80+ channels₦6,400

Gotv Smallie

It is a gotv bouquet package offered by GOtv Nigeria. It is a subscription plan designed to provide affordable access to digital terrestrial television for viewers in Nigeria. The GOtv Smallie package offers a selection of popular local and international channels at a budget-friendly price. Subscribers can enjoy a range of entertainment content, including movies, TV series, sports, news, and more. It is tailored for individuals or households looking for a cost-effective option to access a variety of television channels and programs.

Smallie package offers:

  • 0 music channels,
  • 1 sports channel,
  • 0 movie channels and
  • 35 other genre channels.

The Gotv smallie monthly price is 1100 naira, 2900nairo quarterly, and 8600 naira annually.

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Gotv Jinja

 It is one of the gotv subscriptions with 45+ channels. GOtv is affordable and offers a range of sports and great TV 24/7 channels.

Jinja package offers:

  • 0 music channels,
  • 2 sports channels,
  • 0 movie channels and
  • 46 other genre channels.

Gotv Jinja recent price is 2,250 naira monthly.

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Gotv Jolie

It is one of the Gotv packages with 60+ channels. It also guarantees affordable entertainment with flexible payment options to suit your lifestyle.

Jolie package offers:

  • 0 music channels,
  • 3 sports channels,
  • 2 movie channels and
  • 62 other genre channels.

Gotv Jolie price is 3,300 naira monthly

Gotv Max

It is one of the gotv packages that is designed to provide subscribers with a wide range of entertainment options and premium content. GOtv Max offers access to over 75 channels, including a variety of local and international channels covering various genres such as movies, sports, lifestyle, news, and more. With GOtv Max, subscribers can enjoy popular channels like SuperSport, Africa Magic, FOX, CNN, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, and many others.

Max package offers:

  • 0 music channels,
  • 6 sports channels,
  • 4 movie channels and
  • 67 other genre channels.

Gotv Max updated price is 4,850 naira monthly.

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Gotv Supa

It offers Supa-sized Gotv experience with Crystal with more local channels, more for the kids, more lifestyle channels, more novellas, and more Supa reasons to LOVE IT.

Gotv Supa package offers:

  • 0 music channels,
  • 7 sports channels,
  • 6 movie channels and
  • 73 other genre channels.

The latest price for Gotv Jinja package is 6,400 naira monthly.

GOtv Self Service in Nigeria

Self Service through the website

To enjoy any of the gotv bouquets, first you need to buy the gotv decoder, install it and do a gotv subscription.

If you visit gotv official website, you will find the self service portal which allows you to view my account, change my account, check your payment history, find installer or dealer, contact dstv or check gotv FAQs.

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GOtv Self Service

For instance, you can manage your gotv account directly from the website.

To access your account:

  • goto GOtv self-service
  • select “view my account”
  • enter your “surname or mobile”
  • enter your “IUC/Smartcard number” (you can find your IUC number under your GOTV decoder)
  • then click on sign in

Please read the article below to learn about how to download “GOTV mobile app

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Self Service through USSD

You can also perform a self service through ussd code.

Simply dial *288# to do this. This allows you also Change package, remit your GOtv payment or Fix decoder errors/ reset your decoder.

You can also contact gotv support for a self service. You can find gotv customer care number in the suggested article below.

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