Clubhouse Now Out for Android Users – What you Should Know

Clubhouse has been around for a while now but only for iPhone users. Android users have also been patiently waiting for its release and now there is good news for android users.

While we couldn’t go out during the pandemic, people have made friends, meet families at the clubhouse. This audio app has been of great use to a lot of people around the world. Now the company has finally launched a beta version for Android users beginning from the US.

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We will begin gradually, with the US today, followed by other English-speaking countries and then the rest of the world,” the Clubhouse team elaborated. The company suggests that it’ll be gathering feedback, issuing fixes, and work on a few new features “over the next few weeks” before a broader release.

clubhouse for android


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Currently, it needs an invitation to sign up as a part of the company’s effort to keep the growth measured, or sign up to a waitlist. It is possible for people in the US to download the beta app via APKMirror. But regardless of whether you are in the US or not, you can register and reserve your username for now. The Android app does work outside the US if you receive an invite from an iOS-toting friend/user.

The app will also add the following details;

  • Localization and in-app translations,
  • Club creation or club management,
  • more for Android users in the future and
  • Twitter account or Instagram account linking,


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