Bixby Voice added to upcoming Galaxy S21 security options

The Bixby is still existing and it will be among the Galaxy S21 coming in 2021. Based on the latest report, The S21 lineup will arrive with Bixby Voice out of the box when launched.

In case you were hoping for abrupt internment of the unsuccessful assistant platform, it appears as if it’s still some way off.

Bixby Voice unlock on Samsung galaxy S21

For now, Samsung wants to widen Bixby’s reach and as such, we’ll see a lot of updates, in the S21 series, Bixby Voice is going to be a biometric unlocking option, together with fingerprint identification and face unlock.

This seems even less safe than the face unlocks option, and particularly how dependable Bixby Voice is at knowing what you want from it, we can only picture how flawless the procedure of unlocking your phone with your voice may well be. However, we’re enthusiastic to be proven incorrect here, even though we’re also extremely nosy to find out why Samsung thinks this is the best option for the people, not considering how bad it could work.

Bixby Voice unlocking will actually be part of One UI 3.1, Samsung’s skin edition that will make its first entrance on the S21 phones. The feature will be rolling out to other Samsung smartphones once they get updated to One UI 3.1.


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