Today, I will walk you through the detailed steps on how to unlock The huawei e5573 mifi device which allows fast 4G network offered by major networks in Nigeria. Few weeks ago I decided to buy a Mobile Router and after some days of using it I enjoyed the network plus the 4g until I travel home , then the network in my area was really frustrating which made me decided to unlock it . Google is my cool friend , so i did some research on how to unlock it . pretty cool  I found some useful tutorial but none of them was written in details because after following the steps in the tutorials I got stucked along the line and it took me 24hours before I finally figured out the solution . so I decided to write this article to help others .

Follow me as I walk you through.


The following tools will be required for the unlocking process ;

1,  Huawei Mobile Partner ( download it  HERE  or  ( HERE for windows 10 users )  )

2,  Latest HiLink Drivers ( download it HERE )

3,  Or Latest Huawei HiLink driver V5 (download it HERE )

4,  Huawei E5573s-606 firmware version (download it HERE )

5,  Huawei E5573s-320 firmware version (download it HERE )

6,  Huawei Unlock code calculator (download it HERE )

7,  Universal master code generator (download it HERE )

8,  WEB UI for E5573-606  (download HERE )

9,  A Huawei  Spectranet E5573s- 606 MiFi (Fully charged ) plus another network SIM card

10,  A computer and a supported/working USB cable

11. Good internet connection


Good, if you have Downloaded all the above files on your computer, follow the steps ;

1 –  Unzip and install the Mobile partner driver

2 –  Unzip and install the Huawei Hilink driver, once your installation is completed, reboot your Computer so that the drivers can be fully updated with your computer.

3 – At this point, open your MIFI ROUTER to check for the IMEI NO under the battery, copy the IMEI into your clipboard or write it on a paper.  also copy down the following details ( USER ID , PASSWORD , WIFI KEY ) .



4 –   Now insert an unsupported sim into your Huawei E5573s-606 router and connect it to your computer via USB cable.

5 –  Unzip and launch the universal master code generator

6 –   Put in your IMEI and click on CALCULATE

7 –  Copy the FLASH CODE to a notepad or write it on a paper which will later serve as a password.

8 –  Unzip and install the Huawei Unlock Code Calculator

9 –  Locate the first Huawei_E5573s-606_Firmware_21. firmware that you downloaded, unzip it and run the file  P711S-E5-update_21.

10 – It will request for a password, now paste the Flash Code you copied as the password




11 –  Wait till the process finish and you see update successful.


12 –  It is at this point that most users have issues. The HUAWEI MODEM NEEDS TO SHOW UP UNDER PORTS BEFORE THE UNLOCKER CAN CALCULATE THE UNLOCK code . TO check if the modern is visible under ports .

A,    Press WINDOW KEY plus X


C,    Then click on PORTS to confirm, You should see two list of Huawei Modern , if you can’t locate it under port, you may check under usb devices . if it is listed there , then you are good to proceed with the next step.

D,     If you still cant find it , consider installing another version of HUAWEI MOBILE PARTNER , with this you should get the modem to show up under ports.

13 –  Now unzip and launch the Huawei code calculator that you downloaded earlier and then click on the read tab ,then click on CALCULATE to generate your UNLOCK CODE. copy down the unlock code into your notepad or write it on a paper .

14 –   INSTALL the WEB UI for e5573 606 that you downloaded earlier. ( This interface will enable  you connect to the device via wifi. )



15 –  Unzip 2nd Huawei E5573s-320 firmware , lauch  the file E5573_Update_21. . it will not ask for password again and will immediately start updating the firmware into the modem and the drivers will also be automatically installed .



16 –   Wait till the process finish and you see update successful.



17 –   Now disconnect your Mifi Router from your usb cable , then connect using wifi. It will request for  password , then enter the WIFI key which you copied earlier from the back of your MIFI .



18 –  Once you connect through WIFI , a page will auto load and open on one of your web browser requesting you in insert your SIM LOCK CODE or lunch this address from your web browser “ “ if the page doesnt auto load ..

19 –   Insert the unlock code you got at step 13

20 –  A dialog box will pop up requesting you to input user name and password . input the username and password at the back of your MIFI  Router which you copied down earlier ( the user and password are mostly “ admin and admin “ )


21 –  Click on log-in and wait for the process to be implemented, in a blink of an eye , your network provider would appear , and finally you have  successfully unlock your huawei E5573S-606 .


do you find this post useful ? , you have questions to ask ?

drop your comment below ,lets reason together  .


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