for those of you that want to acquire the new  Infinix Hot Note Pro,these are the secret you should know ,

 Infinix Hot Note Pro

The first secret that I will be telling you about the Inifinix Hot Note Pro is this; the truth is that Infinix did not manufacture any device known as the Infinix Hot Note Pro, and even me, initially I was wondering why the name was that long.

The device in Infinix Hot Note Pro is just the Infinix Hot Note but another variant of the phone with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM.

You could recall that the earlier version of Infinix Zero also came in 2 variants; there was the one with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM and the 2nd version came with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, and nobody called either Infinix Zero Pro.

The name you hear Infinix Hot Note Pro was just a promotional name adopted by Jumia in order to market the Infinix Hot Note 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM variant.

And that was done in order to add more flavour to the device and make people feel that Infinix added new phone entirely into their device line.

The only addendum by Infinix last week was the Infinix Next Hero which turned out as Infinix Zero 2, so the Infinix Hot Note Pro was just a marketing strategy that made the Pro appeared on the name.

The second secret is this; since the Infinix Hot Note Pro was for promotional purpose, it is limited edition and don’t expect to see it again after now when this current limited stock finishes, unless Infinix later changes mind, but they won’t because the purpose it was meant to serve has been achieved.

It is only the Infinix Hot Note with 1GB RAM, 16/GB ROM that will stay long in the market because Infinix will produce it over and over again.

The final secret is this; for those that are complaining about the price increment of the phone at Jumia from 26K to 27K and now 28K should bear in mind that the device was meant for promotional purpose and when Jumia sold it for 26K was only during the Jumia Mobile Week, which was the promotional period.

Now the secret here is that before the device will get out of stock i.e. if it will even still be in stock in the next coming 2 to 3 months, the price will still increase from 28K to 30K.

So this is just the perfect time for you to acquire the Infinix Hot Note Pro if have truly set your eyes on it, otherwise, after now, be ready to kiss the device goodbye forever.  

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