If you are regular internet user then you might have come across the term “IP address” many times without no. to a layman, an IP address might means nothing, but this post will give you a brief understanding. we shall  look into different ways using which you can hide and Change your IP address. If questions like how to change my IP address? Or how hide my IP address are bothering you a lot, then this post will answer all those questions by showing different ways to do it .

  • lets see what an ip is

    What is IP address?

    IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. In a computer network each and every device is normally assigned with a particular numerical address which is used for communication with that device. Even all the computers that are connected to the internet will also have an individual IP address. This IP address can be compared to Mobile number of a mobile phone. To communicate with the mobile phone from another mobile phone you need to have its mobile number. Similarly for the computer to receive and send data on the internet it will have a specific numerical address called as IP address
    This is how any IP address looks like

    180. 64.56.0


  • How to check your IP address

    There are many ways to find your IP address of your computer,

    Finding Internal IP Address Using IPCONFIG command on Windows

  •  Press Windows Key + R and type CMD command prompt will open.
  •   In the command prompt enter IPCONFIG and hit enter.
  •   It will get you a list of various details, in that there will something like IPv4 that will be your internal IP address

Finding External IP address using Google.

visit  Google and type “My IP address”. Google will show your IP address .see image below





1. To get out of Country based restrictions.

Content in few websites are restricted in such way that people from particular countries cannot read it. In such cases we can change our IP address to IP address of other country and visit that content without having any issue.

2. To stay anonymous without being tracked or monitored

Being anonymous on internet is only possible by hiding or changing our IP address so that others can’t track us. Few website will normally list out IP address of the computers or devices that visited their site. By changing our IP address we save our IP address from being tracked.

3. To stay away from attacks

Attackers or hackers Attack our PC using RAT’s and Trojans by connecting to our IP address, By changing our IP address we can stay away from their attacks.

4. To get Out of IP bans

If your IP address is being banned by any website or service on internet then, by connecting their websites using different IP address you can get out of those Bans

5. To create multiple accounts in a site.

In few Forums and Social networking sites, only limited number of accounts are permitted per IP address. To get out of this restriction you can follow any of the below IP changing tricks and create multiple accounts on any website.


1. Using online proxy websites to hide IP address

There are Hundreds of online proxy websites available on internet. Many of them are paid but there are also good number of free proxy websites. When you browse through these websites they will hide your IP address and expose the IP address of their server to the websites, you browse. This way you can hide your IP address.
Here is the list of Free Online Proxy websites.

First go to Google and search for “my IP address” and note your IP address.
1. From the above list of online proxy website select any website. For example select VProxysite.com.
2. You can enter any of the websites URL in the provided input Box there and you can browse it with different IP address.
3. TO check it go to my IP address URL there and now you will find change in your IP address there.

2. Using VPNs to change IP address

VPN stands for Virtual Private network. You have to install these software’s called VPN’s on your computer so that they will alter your external or Public IP address. Most of the VPNs are paid software’s. Though there are many free VPN’s available they don’t work as effectively as paid VPN’s. You can buy a VPN by paying few bucks as don’t cost much if you want to use them for long run.
List of Paid VPN’s to download and change your Public/external IP address
1. www.hidemyass.com
2. www.pdproxy.com/index.htm
3. www.your-freedom.net/
List of Free VPN’s to Hide or change your Public IP address on Windows
1. www.cyberghostvpn.com
2. www.privatetunnel.com
3. www.sumrando.com
4. www.hideallip.com
5. www.hotspotshield.com

3. Manual settings to change your external IP address

IN this method we are going to tweak the browser settings in order to browser though a proxy. Here we will pick a IP address of a proxy server and will make settings in the browser in such a way that no matter what we browse through that browser we will connect to the other websites only via Proxy server.

For this we need a good list of Proxy IP addresses to try them out. You can get the list from HERE (http://hidemyass.com/proxy-list/). Now open your Mozilla Firefox and go to OPTIONS > ADVANCED > CONNECTIONS > SETTINGS and click on MANUAL PROXY SETTINGS there enter the PROXY IP ADDRESS and set the port to 8080 and save the settings. That’s it now you can go to myipaddress.com and can find different IP address there.

4. Browser extensions to hide IP address

There are few browser extensions which will let you to browse the websites and surf on internet with different IP address, all you need to do is, just to install the browser extension and you are ready to go.

  • IF you are using Chrome you can get this extensions hidemyass  and hola 
  • If you are using Mozilla Firefox you can use anonymoX and Hola extensions 

5. Proxy Software to change the IP address

Proxy software’s are different from VPN software’s. Even in this Proxies there are both paid and free versions. You can Use TOR proxy to change or hide your external IP address while browsing. Its works great, you can simply download and install it from HERE (https://www.torproject.org/)

6. Changing Internal IP address manually.

You can change the internal IP address of your computer manually by following the below steps
1. Open RUN command by typing Windows key + R

2. Enter “ncpa.cpl” (without quotes) in the run command box and hit enter, a BOX like this will appear.

3. There give right click on it and select Properties. A box will POP up as shown in the figure

4. Select “INTERNET PROTOCAL VERSION 4 (IPv4) “and click on properties.

5. AN IP address configuration box will appear where you can make necessary changes to your internal IP address. After making changes click OK to save your settings.
There these are the different ways using which you can change / hide your IP address on Windows computers.



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