YouTube to stop emailing subscribers about new videos starting next week

A Lot of things has happened on YouTube, the Google video site has for years emailed subscribers that opted into alerts about live-streams and new uploads. YouTube is stopping these emails next week as very few people opened alerts about new videos from their inbox.

It has been reported that for those subscribed to them that the new YouTube video email notification is going away from August 13. This includes notifications for new uploads, premieres, and live-streams. The primary and only alert method going forward is going to be IOS, Android, and web notifications, Of course, a lot of people get to find out new videos on social media, when shared or directly from a creator.


The motivation for YouTube is how less than 0.1% of the emails are opened. “The Message about your account, mandatory service announcements, etc.” all remain with Google with the broader change today will help users to easily spot and pay attention to the essential emails.

This reflects the company gradually wanting to decrease information overload.

“Users have made it known that these emails add to inbox overload – we hope this new feature helps you more easily spot and be aware of the important emails.”

End-users can control their notifications here, and also enable browser-based ones:

YouTube tells Creators that it “didn’t see any impact to watch time when we experimented with turning off these emails.”

In fact, tests carried out by YouTube showed that when these emails are not sent, more users engage with mobile push notifications and their Subscription feed.

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Olamilekan Adebanji

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