Microsoft to partition Windows 10 Storage for smoother future upgrades

Microsoft has announced a new Windows 10 feature dubbed ‘Reserved storage’ comprising a 7GB PC’s storage space to ensure smoother updates, coming with “Windows 10 April 2019 Update” – marked as 1903 in the four-character label.

The reserved storage is set aside to be used by updates, apps, temporary files, and system caches to improve the day-to-day function of a PC, ensuring critical OS functions always have access to disk space.

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According to the company, it will be introduced automatically on devices that come with version 1903 pre-installed or those where 1903 was clean installed, and users don’t need to set anything up as the process will be automatic.

While apps and system processes create temporary files, these files will automatically be placed into the reserved storage, so it won’t consume free user space and provided that the reserve isn’t full, will be less likely to do so as temporary files increase in number.

The compressed files from an update or upgrade need drive space to unpack, albeit the updates and upgrades also create temporary files, but such files are deleted after serving the specific purpose.

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It should be noted that the reserved storage can’t be removed from the OS, but the amount of reserved space can be reduced as deemed necessary by the PC user.

The next major release of Windows (19H1), which is expected in the spring of 2019, will include the reserved storage feature starting at about 7GB, however, the amount of reserved space will vary over time-based on device usage.

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