How to enable chat bubbles on Android 11, OnePlus 8 series

If your device supports the most recent Android 11 OS, you are blessed as you experience some of its features even before its stable discharge. One of the amusing features that Android 11 presents is “Chat bubbles” and it is working similar to Facebook Messenger. It is great for you if you are a person who likes to chat on several apps at the same time. With this feature permitted, you need not go to the exacting app and will capable to swiftly reply to messages.

You can get rid of the chat bubble from your screen by just holding down on the chat bubble and you will see an “X” icon below your screen. You are just required to draw that to the icon and let go to delete it. The new Android 11 feature presently works with Google Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and little other messaging apps.

Apart from the steps mentioned below, you can enable the feature by just extensively pressing on the messaging app and going to the App Info segment. Then tap on Notifications > Bubbles > All Conversations can bubble. You can try out the other steps below to know more about how you can enable the chat bubbles for messaging apps. But, if these don’t work, then there must some bug or a problem, and all you have to do is waiting for the next update.

How to enable chat bubbles on Android 11, OnePlus 8 series


Step 1: First you have to make sure that the chat bubbles option is enabled in the settings. Go to Settings and type bubbles in the search bar. Click on Bubbles and enable it.

Step 2: Now go to Apps & notifications.

Step 3: Click on “See all apps.”  Then go to the messaging app you want to enable the chat bubbles for. As soon as you open the app, go to Notifications > tap on Bubbles > All Conversations can bubble.

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