How to Borrow FirstBank Loan Using USSD Code

FirstBank Loan, First bank loan, First Bank Loan code

In this post, I will share with you how to borrow FirstBank loan using the USSD code. As we move away from the traditional way of borrowing loans, technology is making life easier for us as it is now possible to borrow loans using USSD.

FirstBank Loan, First bank loan, First Bank Loan code, First bank quick loan code

First advance loans service enables customers to borrow loans and payback after 30 days with very little interest of 2.5%.

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Requirements For FirstBank Loan 

To take the FirstBank loan, your account must be a salary account that must have received salary for at least 6 months. Also, there are two main means of getting the loan;

  1. through bank mobile app
  2. through USSD code

What is the interest Rate of First Bank loan

Every Loan taken will attract an interest of 2.5%, which will be charged from the loan provided. Meaning that  195,000 Naira will be credited to your account if you request a loan of 200,000.

How to Borrow Money from FirstBank Using FirstMobile App

To borrow loan through the FirstMobile App, simply follow the steps below;

  1. Download the FirstMobile app on Apple store or play store
  2. then Log in to the App
  3. Open menu options on the top left-hand side
  4. Select “loans” as you can see in the image below

firstbank loan

5. Next, select “FirstAdvance

first bank loan

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6. then Accept the terms and condition

firstbank loan

7. Next Menu Option will show your eligible amount and the applicable pricing and fees.

8. Next, input desired loan amount not more than the eligible amount.

9. then enter your transaction pin and send

10. Once successful, the loan will be credited to your salary account.

What is First bank loan code or First bank quick loan code?
The First Bank Loan code is *894#

How to Borrow Loan From First Bank Using USSD Code

To borrow load from FirstBank using USSD code, simply follow the steps below;

  1. The First Bank Loan code is *894#
  2. Dial *894# to connect to FirstBank’s USSD Banking,
  3. then select 3, (Get Loans)
  4. the next popup will show your eligible loan amount
  5. then enter your desired amount and send
  6. the Interest rate, management fees, and Insurance are displayed
  7. then input a five-digit transaction PIN to accept terms and conditions
  8. the Loan will then be disbursed into your salary account within few minutes.

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How To Pay Back First Advance Loan

The process of paying back the first advance loan is automated, as the funds will be automatically deducted from your account on the 30th day. It is required that your account balance matches or exceeds the amount of loan borrowed 30 days earlier,

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