First photos of Realme X7 that Appeared Online look Rather Strange

The First photos of Realme X7 that appeared Online looks Strange!

Realme is inducting its subsequent lineup on September 1 and we lastly have original live photos of the phone. It was made known by two senior executives – a neat tri-color gradient, with the company’s motto on top, which will definitely raise a few eyebrows.

The Company’s motto is “Dare to Leap” Realme’s, the company has always been saying that it is applying this idea while building its products. Though the photos by Xu Qi Chase, CMO at Realme, give us just a glimpse of what the upcoming Realme X7 smartphone will akin to, the Design Director shed some light on the strange resolution.

Xianghai Sire assumed that fashion is not only a trend but is also a way to grip multiculturalism and hail the Western culture. Main users of Realme are young active people and the brand wants to put its motto, since “every young man is daring to leap, to challenge himself or herself, and work hard to earn what they warrant.

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Realme X7

Sire also exposed the color was proficient after 8 months of development and 400 hours of color proofing, as well as various industrial processes. It is translated as “C Color”, but a more suitable translation would be “Spectral Gradient”. He as well added that such a design is a risk and hopes fashion and Realme-branded technology can work together.

RealMe X7
RealMe X7

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People talking about the design might also be a way of diversion from the camera arrangement – as see four snappers, however, two of those look similar to rudimentary 2 MP sensors for portrait mode and macro photos, which means users are left with two functional cameras to capture the brief moments of today.


Realme X7 Pro
Realme X7 Pro


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