Android 11 users are reporting several problems with Android Auto

Android Auto steadiness problems appear to come up most times, and subsequent to the release of Android 11 last week, several users are reporting many key problems linking the two.

Google may not openly fix Android Auto to system updates; however key updates can be a cause of errors with the in-car experience. As spotted recently it seems to be the case with Android 11.

Actually, problems faced when Android Auto is linked to a phone operating on Android 11 differ from each other. Some users state that music isn’t playing well, others state that the Calendar app is absent, though Android Auto v5.6 appears to have fixed that bug, others still talk about muted notifications and unable to make phone calls via the car’s speakers. It seems that Waze may as well be somewhat broken for some. Some users still had their phones lock up to the point of needing a factory reset.

It is not every driver that appears to be affected by these problems, Pixel 4 XL appears to be running fully well with Android Auto on the ultimate 11 builds, and however, there are absolutely a significant number of users experiencing issues. Google hasn’t pledged a fix for these problems currently, however, given how general problems look to be, the company will most likely have a great plan to solve it sooner.

Some Reddit users did notice a possible stopgap, although. Actually, turning off Bluetooth device scanning appears to help a few users.


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