YouTube Music has started changing ‘Your Mix” from endless radio to daily playlist for users

The outbreaks of fresh features for YouTube Music go on with a likely change to “Your Mix.” Long a live mix, Google’s idea of turning it into a normal playlist that only updates every day. 

The YouTube streaming service for long has offered an “Endless personalized music” radio station “Your Mixtape,” now “Your Mix” and features red cover art, instead of the orange stripes. Any time you tap, it generates a new queue of 25 songs that frequently includes previous listens and further new tracks you might like.

You can tap the play button-adorned album art again to generate a new series of songs if you don’t like what’s suggested. For a lot of users, this is the best part of YouTube Music for serving a very good mix of songs straight away.

This much-loved YouTube Music staple could possibly be changing in December 2019, Google declared three new playlists which update weekly: Your Mix, New Release, and Discover. They show in a “Mixed for you” shelf, considered to “keep you up to date on what’s just been released and introduce you to a wider range of artists and sounds based on your personal taste.


Your Mix is the ideal playlist for times you don’t want to think but play something that you’ll like. It’s filled with songs by artists you know and love, and also mixes in some songs and artists you don’t know, but you might like. Little updates are made frequently, so the music never gets old and there’s always a bit new in rotation.

Although the other two mixes are ordinary, the last one did not emerge for the majority of users. In recent days, there are rumors of users bumping into the promised adjust to Your Mix. It is not generally rolled out thus far, and we don’t know if the original Your Mixtape-derived Your Mix can still be accessed, or will coexist, after the new update.

The most prominent variation is how it’s now a playlist slightly than a live mix/radio station. The name “Your Mix” also emerged on the artwork. The new Your Mix gets its own playlist page and you can see all 100 tracks there:

This modified mix features a combination of favorites and new songs you might love updated every day.

By clicking this URL, you can access and compare the updated Your Mix. Whilst it is four times better, the truth that it can’t be formed on demand is a bit odd, particularly if you don’t like what was recommended. Furthermore, except you click on “Shuffle” every time, you’d be listening to songs as arranged. The past understanding was completely automated. 

From 2019, Google improved the update rate from a week to a daily, which is progress. This updated Your Mix is not generally rolled out yet, and expectantly, the old Your Mixtape remains in one form.


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