Video Game: An Addiction Among Students

video game addiction

What do you understand about Video game addiction? People become addicted for different reasons, but when it comes to gaming, it is common among college students. At that stage of their life, they mostly have access to computer games and a lot of time to play. While most use their free time to play online and video games, others use their time wisely.

Absolutely, there is nothing wrong with playing and enjoying video games but it because a problem when you spend too much of your time playing games instead of doing other meaningful things. In fact, Playing games has been found to improve brain functions and brainstorming attributes among young people.

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It is going to be difficult for you to know if you are addicted or not, except someone noticed you or calls your attention to it. You would agree that it is easy to get carried away when playing games. While playing games have its advantages, it also comes with many disadvantages when it becomes an addiction. 

So, what do you stand to lose when you become addicted to gaming?

1. Poor Academic Performance

While there are numerous causes of Poor academic performance like social interaction, teaching techniques, peer pressure in college, Video gaming is a serious issue that needs proper attention. Not being able to control the urge to play games every time may lead to addiction, lack of concentration, and poor academic performance.

2. Regular Headaches

When you play video games for hours without control, you risk having frequent headaches or migraines. Even though headaches can be treated with medicine, Headaches can be more complicated if it’s frequent. The direct light from the computer screen can also cause eye problems if don’t take precautions. 

3. Self-Isolation

During this stage of your life, you are may become isolated playing online or video games. Even now that you can easily play without friends online without seeing each other. You can stay in your room alone for hours and get carried away from doing other important things. 

4. Fatigue

Another problem that too much video games can cause is Fatigue. When you play too much video games without enough rest, it would eventually stress the brain and you may accumulate fatigue. Other studies have it that playing video games as a child can improve a person’s working memory years later on specific tasks. thus, people would have different intellectual capabilities. 

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5. Gambling 

Gambling which is otherwise known as betting is also common among students. Students who are addicted to online and video games have a higher chance of gambling. And while it is easy to gamble, you can easily lose your money. So, it is important for you to be careful and use your time and money wisely. 

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Yes, Gaming is good and it has some benefits like;

  • it can help you build a social connection
  • gaming can help you get away from depression
  • it can help you improve your vision
  • development of problem-solving skills
  • stress relief
  • it can help you gain better social skills and so on.

However, it is important that you maximize your time and stay away from gambling. 

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video game addiction


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