Twitter now warn users before liking a tweet with disputed information

Twitter will now warn users whenever they will like a tweet with misinformation. Such Tweets now have a label that makes users be aware that it includes information with a disputed claim. This alone should be able to work for many users but there are still possibilities that some users might not observe it and choose to like it. Twitter’s newly introduced warning feature will be helpful in this area.

Over the past few months, Twitter has been working on a plan to reduce the spread of misinformation on its platform. It before now offers an alert to users when Retweeting an article without reading it. It is now increasing the trait to the ability to like tweets where users tap on the ‘Heart’ symbol.

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Twitter unveiled this latest feature following the initial success of the Retweet alert that was initiated lately. Twitter states that Retweet alert has helped to decrease misinformation circulation by 29%. There is no disbelief that it is an important development for the platform as Twitter has been known getting used for influencing people as much as affecting U.S. presidential election results.


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