Snapchat copies TikTok with its latest Spotlight release

Snapchat joins the list of social media apps to copy TikTok with its latest feature called Spotlight; Spotlight is similar to the Instagram Reels. The plan of this new feature is to let users remain engaged on the platform by showing them videos always.

Snapchat copies TitTok with Spotlight
                                                     Snapchat Spotlight

Spotlight will show content from all public accounts even if you don’t follow them just like on TikTok and Reels. This move lets users stay captivated by the platform as they keep watching and scrolling up to see new content similar to their favorite.

Snapchat official statement states that:

Our content algorithms work to surface the most engaging Snaps you’d be interested in. We focus on serving the right Snaps to the right person at the right time. We do this by trying to understand your personal preferences. Our ranking algorithm looks at factors that show people are interested in a particular Snap, like the amount of time spent watching it, if it is favorited, and if it’s shared with friends. It also considers negative factors, including if the viewer skipped watching the Snap quickly.

This new feature will be offered with a dedicated tab inside the Snapchat app. It has been made available in 11 countries plus the United States and the United Kindom. In an effort to persuade users to create content for Spotlight, Snapchat will begin by rolling out $1 million per day among top content creators in the United States. This offer will be available till the end of the year with an option for extension.


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