Apple May Rebrand iOS back to iPhone OS – See Reasons

It is expected that major announcements including the next versions of apple’s operating systems would be made at the annual developer conference  “WWDC 2020”. One such operating system is iOS which is meant for iPhone and iPod Touch devices but as per a recent claim, Apple could make an announcement that no one saw coming.

Jon Prosser, a reliable tipster, and YouTube personality has tweeted “iPhone OS” and given birth to various speculations. The most common one has made tech enthusiasts and experts wonder whether Apple is planning to rebrand iOS to iPhone OS. It is worth noting that this is the name Apple used for the OS during the first three years and before changing it to iOS in 2010.

As far as another rebranding is concerned, it is surely a surprising move but not something that is impossible to believe. We saw Apple tweaking iOS for iPad devices and renaming it to iPad OS last year. This could be a move to make it easier for casual users to differentiate among different OSes and know which one is meant for what device. It already refers to Apple Watch OS as watchOS and Apple TV OS as tvOS which are self-explanatory names.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that iOS currently runs on iPhone and iPod devices. So one of the reasons for renaming it to iPhone OS could be discontinuation of iPods. Apple has already stopped producing all of its variants except for the iPod Touch which is essentially an iPhone without support for phone capabilities.

But before our readers get excited about any of these things, we would like to make it clear that these are merely speculations based on a two words tweet from Prosser. We recommend that you wait for further information about this news.




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