MallforAfrica Nigeria eCommerce is Shutting Down Operations

MallforAfrica is an eCommerce shopping platform where you can buy goods like eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, and so on. But now, the platform is shutting down operations. The MallforAfrica online platform was available to customers in over 17 African countries. 

The public notice on the company’s official website stated that;

Dear Amazing Customers,

At this time MallforAfrica is no longer taking any orders. We appreciate your patronage over the years and truly adore each and every one of you. Orders made prior to our closure have been processed or are being refunded. If you have funds on your MfA account, they will be refunded. Please be patient with us as we finalize refunds during the month of November. Our customer service team is working hard to ensure all refunds are completed fast. Thank you all so much for your support.

We adore you all. 



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Customers can no longer access their account through the website and the app has also been removed from Google play store and Apple Store. Amidst this development, some customers took to the companies official social pages to make complaints.

MallforAfrica was founded in 2011 by two Nigerians; Chris and Tope Folayan. The company was established to provide good services and also serve Nigerian’s best interest. The company expanded and later provided an online platform for other African retailers to promote their goods online.

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The company also expanded its operations through partnerships with companies like eBay which made it possible for customers all around the world to buy African goods on eBay’s Mall for Africa Store; with delivery company DHL to launch an e-commerce site, which provided a platform for selected African artisans to sell wares to buyers in any of DHL’s 220 delivery countries.

Its closure will surely affect the fate of DHL Africa eShop, which was a partnership between MallforAfrica and DHL.

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