Google to replace Duo Video calling app with the Meet App

Google is allegedly preparing to replace its Duo video calling app with the Meet app. A report coming from the Wapmastazone made it known that Google is to replace the Duo app finally in favor of its in-demand Meet app.

As reported to the tech publication that cites a source familiar with the topic, Google’s Javier Soltero, who is the leader of the company’s G Suite of services doesn’t think that Google Duo and Google Meet ought to coexist. Soltero is reportedly working with an enterprise known as Duet, which is a portmanteau of “Duo” and “Meet.” This come together may completely make Google Duo go into extinction.

Reports from Wapmastazone additionally add to those that formerly build Duo are now tasked with Meet enterprise development or left the team.



The report also states the citing sources that the present plan is to get several Duo features to Google Meet. And this includes end-to-end encryption 3D effects, contacting users for a video using phone number. And many more updates. Sources additionally made it known to the publication that this evolution can take up to 2 years to materialize, Duo app will no longer exist as the Meet app will have taken over.

When Google was asked by the tech publication for a response the company came up with this reply, that they are fully invested in Duo, which has seen an amazing increase all through the pandemic. Users all over the world are relying on video calling now than ever, and they have no plans to cut short that. We’ll keep on investing in building new Duo features and delivering a pleasant experience for all users of the app, partners, and customers. We brought the Duo organization in Javier Soltero’s leadership around May, and it follows with the aim of looking at ways that our video calling apps can advance together with one another.”

Usage of Google Meet is increasing rapidly already, and back in April, Google announced that daily users of Meet increased by 30x with 3 million daily new users. Furthermore, daily meeting participants are more than100 million.


Previous week, Google also laid down plans, illuminating on when new features of Meet will appear in the future. Google is without a doubt including more significance to its Meet, video conferencing app so that more enterprises and even consumers can try it out. Now, Google Meet is wanted now than ever and the company seems to be moving in the right path. Even though axing a consumer product in favor of an enterprise product may not be accepted at first. Google may ultimately be successful in fending off the disappointment by integrating the Duo features into Meet and presenting one product to every user.


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