Google Maps offers COVID-19 layer for safer map-reading

Google Maps offers COVID-19 layer for safer map-reading. Google is initiating a fresh layer for its Maps platform on mobile devices as COVID-19 is beginning to form a part of our everyday lives, and traveling is one of the areas it influences the most. This is why  It will be giving vital information on the rate of infections.

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Google Maps interface with COVID-19 Info Google Maps Google Maps COVID-19


Launching GoogleMaps and clicking on the Layer button right beneath the profile picture, there ought to be a new layer called “COVID-19 Info”. It afterward gives the seven-day average data of the latest coronavirus cases for every 100,000 people next to an arrow illuminating whether they are trending up or down with proper color coding.

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Google Maps Google Maps interface with COVID-19 Info


The data is offered in all 220 countries and territories GoogleMaps is working, with detailed info on provinces, cities, states, and counties where available.

It is a get-together from public sources like Johns Hopkins University, the New York Times, and Wikipedia. Google included that this is the same data, showcased in its Search engine, but is at the present reassigned to the Maps app too.

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