Google Location Aware Goes Live

Google quietly announced a new addition to Google Now at an event in Paris today known as Location

Aware Search. The new feature uses your real-time location to modify its answers to various questions.

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It can now understand your location, nearby landmarks, businesses, and geographical features such as

rivers with only vague questions to go on. During the conference, some great examples were given:

“Call this conference center” – The phone dialed the reception desk
“How long is this river” – An accurate reply for the Seine that runs next to the center
“How tall is it?” – using location spoofing for NYC, returned a reply for the Empire State Building

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Whilst we have seen no official news from Google relating to the feature, it is now working on many

users of Google Now apps. Obviously, if you have not allowed access to your location data, as I’m sure

many won’t have, the features will not work.


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Google Location

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