Google Meet receives noise cancellation for phones and school attendance

Google Meet is currently getting two fresh features that will allow video conferencing to be more functional and productive. The first one is the beginning of noise cancellation to Google Meet on Android and iOS devices. The subsequent feature is support for attendance for online classes.

The noise cancellation feature initially arrived on Google Meet in June but it was restricted to the desktop client. The team has at last stretched it to mobile devices for functional video calling with clear audio from anywhere. The support will purely get rid of any sound other than your own so that others can listen to you with no issues. It includes sounds like keyboard typing, opening/closing doors, and building construction going on close by.

It ought to be noted that the Google Meet noise cancellation feature will be disabled by default.

The reason is that not everyone desires to have additional sounds getting blocked, so if you are someone who desires the feature to work, don’t forget to allow it via app settings. But, the feature is restricted to G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education users.

Lastly, the attendance report feature will be offered for G Suite Enterprise for Education organizers. It will present a detailed attendance report as well as information on the number of students and each report. There will be information on their names, email addresses, join and exit time, and total duration. This report will be mailed to the teacher routinely subsequent to every class.


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