Month: February 2017

List of Infinix 4G LTE Android Smartphones & Their Bands in Nigeria

The 4G LTE is a standard set for high-speed wireless communication for smartphones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks and wireless hotspots terminals. 4G LTE is more than 10 times faster than 3G; 4G LTE  averages up to 1,000Megabits per second (Mbps) while actual use may be in the region of 100 Mbps.The 4G LTE service is spreading everywhere from our Nigeria Networks such as Etisalat, MTN, Glo, ntel, Spectranet and Smile, remaining Airtel. Though Glo 4G is bad in my area and even in areas that it runs fine, most devices don’t support it.  MTN and Etisalat 4G LTE are what...

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Facebook’s brand new feature will help you get jobs

I know you like Facebook. Everyone likes Facebook. I also know that there are some people that are looking for jobs. Furthermore, we all know how hard and frustrating it is to find a job. However, here comes Facebook to the rescue. You can see where this is going; Facebook has brought thee two things together. As of Wednesday, Facebook has announced a new feature, which will help people find jobs on Facebook. Guys, Facebook owns everything now. Facebook announced that it will roll out features which will enable companies to post job openings and applications directly. US and...

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GPD Pocket: Would you buy a 7-inch small laptop?

In our world today, we have come across small computers, and even smaller computers. The GPD Pocket is one of such. Think of a small computer that fits into pockets, lady handbags, and very lightweight.  It is just 7-inches. “How possible? Is it powerful enough?” One may ask, but it actually works – at least on paper. GPD Pocket Features: Talking of specifications,  the GDP Pocket has a 7-inch 1080p display. It is made of a metal frame, comes with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. On the right hand side, there’s a USB port, an earphone...

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watch Nigeria Football League Matches Online Via Your Smartphone or PC

The dream has now become reality for #NPFL. The Live streaming of Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) matches is now available to Global viewers. This nice development starts today, Sunday.Big kudos to the current League Management Committee (LMC) board led by Shehu Dikko as they have now gone a step ahead with an imitative to launch the long awaited Live streaming of Nigeria Professional Football League matches to Global viewers. Absolutely, this is a great achievement, because this will surely give a chance of making more money and investments to come into our local league.You can now stream NPFL matches...

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The Top Free Apps of 2017 that Shouldn’t be Free

We all love mobile apps. Regardless of how big or small your smartphone or tablet is, apps make our mobile worlds go round. In fact, at the last count, the Apple Store and Google Play have around 4.4 million apps on offer. Naturally, some aren’t worth taking off the virtual shelf, but there are others that really can add some value to your life. What’s more, some of the best mobile apps of 2017 are free. Thanks to innovations, ideas and an ideological shift in what we think “free” apps should look like, there’s now some extremely high quality products...

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