Month: July 2016

Things to consider before getting into mobile app development

Things to consider before getting into mobile app development This post was written by Lalji Patel.He’s the AUTHOR and EDITOR for .posted : july 09, 2016 When you venture into developing a mobile app, it isn’t easy to get everything right at one go. However, there are certain things that you need to zero in on at the very first try and gathering your requirements is one of them. As an experienced mobile application development company, we believe that having a team that has the requisite experience in mobile app development brings in a lot of things to the table from creativity, better designing capabilities, market exposure and an understanding of the product that is unparalleled (as compared to when you outsource mobile app development to some lower end team based on sheer price alone). Read on as we list a few things that you should consider before venturing into developing a mobile app. Why should you look towards a dedicated team as opposed to outsourcing it to the lowest bidder? A dedicated team brings a lot of knowledge, experience and creativity to the product while you may not get the same while outsourcing it based on price alone. With a dedicated product team, you will have people with expertise in all the steps of product development with each one taking lead at each development stage of the...

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Solving Your Printer Issues

This post was written by Joel Ekstein.He’s the AUTHOR and EDITOR for             Have you ever experienced a printer breakdown just when you need it the most? You are not alone. Printers are usually a staple at offices and even in our homes because they are used to make copies of important documents like a resume, an application form or even your child’s homework. Unfortunately, a multitude of problems and issues can arise when using a printer and most of the time, no one ever knows what to do to fix it. I’m happy to tell you that those days will soon be gone because here are the most common printer issues and how to solve them yourself. Next time there’s a printer jam at the office, you’ll know what to do. Printer won’t print The most common problem with a printer is that it doesn’t print. Often times, this error does not have any warning signs or notifications. You’re just caught with an inoperable printer not knowing what to do. First thing to check are the basics: 1.      Is the printer connected to the computer? 2.      If it is a wireless printer, is it properly synced via Bluetooth or WiFi? 3.      Is the printer driver and software properly installed? 4.      Does the printer have ink? 5.      Is the printer on pause or hold? 6.      Does the printer...

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