Month: April 2015

My Pman’s Friend’s Daughter part 4 **18+**

 READ PART 3 HERE As I was eating my food, I started aconversation with Mariam.She was responding very well. She told me thatshe went to thesame school as Anita (Uniben) and that shelived close by. I asked her why she chose Uniben and she toldme that her motherwas an edo woman, and she didnt haveproblems understandingedo. I understood a little bit of edo myself, soI started speaking the little I knew. She was laughing at me. I thentold her that shewas beautiful. Do you know how thatstatement -”You’rebeautiful”- affects girls? Chai. The girl just gavea shy smile and said thank you. After some minutes, Anita came back inside.She was smiling asshe walked inside and caught us talking. Shejoked about mealready toasting her friend. We all laughed. I had only knownAnita for some days now, and this was thesecond physicalcontact, but I already felt like I knew her morethan enough. When I finished eating she came to clear my plate. As she bentdown to pick up the plate, my dick shouted!Those two orangeswere staring right at me. As she stood up, I looked at Mariam and foundout that she was also looking at me. I think she saw my briefre-action to seeingher friend’s bosoms. How she take know say Isee anything sef?She gave me a devilish smile. That kind smilewey fit charge your dick without electricity.I smiled back at her...

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My Pman’s Friend’s Daughter part 5 **18+**

  READ PART 4 HERE Like the breeze that sweeps through theSahara, Mariam wasalready back on her seat. The speed wasmassive. I startedlooking for my phone, I couldn’t find it. I wassearching all my pockets frantically and using my eyes tobrowse througheverywhere.. Finally, I saw my phone at the farend of the chair. It was stuck at the angle 90 between the armrest and the sofa. As I stretched to pick it, the door opened. Itwas Anita’s elderbrother, Phillip. I grabbed my phone, lookedback at him andsmiled. I started hailing him, telling him that heis just getting fresher every day. I dont know if it was justme, or the air wasstinking of sex. I was smelling it as if it wasfreshener. Phillip started hailing me too. He said he hadbeen around since the strike started and did it had been veryboring. I asked him tocome to my house anytime he was free so Icould teach him alesson in PES. he laughed out loud. Then he turned to Mariam and told her that he was sorry forleaving her like that. He told her that his momwas a real pain inthe Bottom, and he just had to follow her tobring homesomething for her. He went to her and kissed her cheek, then hekissed her fore-head, then he kissed her lips,then he startedkissing her deeply. ”Get a room,” I heard Anita say....

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My Pman’s Friend’s Daughter part 3 **18+**

 READ PART 2 HERE I had never really been a fan of errands. Ihated being sent onerrands anyhow, although I was not the kindto openly expressmy detest for it. Something, however, changedafter my encounter with Anita. I started wanting myPman to send me toMr. Chizoba’s house. I dey do my normal parole with Anita onwhatsapp, but the thingnever too bam like that. I no wan just go her house anyhowmake her parents com dey suspect mymotives.I sha dey whyne the girl ontop whatsapp, deyask am thingsabout herself. The girl dey answer everything o. She no be likeall these girls wey go dey form protectiveanyhow. If I dey usestyle near how we go meet for different placeor anything weyinvolve two of us, na lol dey always end am from her. She nowan too dey attached. I had the feeling that she was also taking theparental friendshipthingy seriously. She no want any kasala.One day, I dey sitting room dey watch film with my Pman. Well,na hin dey watch the film gan gan, cuz my ownattention deydivided. I dey browse, dey chat, dey watch TV,dey planstrategies, dey do this, dey do that…for that same place wey isiddon. Since I don come back from school, naonly one girl I donbleep. I still dey try arrange how I go meetthat same girl again,make she com help my condition. The kind konji wey Anita dongive...

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My Pman’s Friend’s Daughter part 2 **18+**

READ PART 1 HERE She suddenly turned back to and asked me towait in front of thecorridor. I did not hear her at first. My eyeswere still fixed. I gotso close to her that i almost hit her. My lipswere very close to her face now, very very close. I stepped back alittle. She looked at me. I looked at the floor. Then ithought ”Wetinhappen sef ” and just looked up at her. Iwanted to sound confident, as if what just happened wassomething thathappened everyday. I spoke, ”Is mom insidetoo?”. Sheanswered ”yes”, and turned again to open thedoor. I was sweating. No, I was not sweating. Itouched my face, butthere was no much moisture like that. Itmeans I was sweatinginternally. Chai. Thank God I was able to keepthat part under check. She came outside again and told me that Ishould come inside.When i got into the sitting room, she told methat her dad wouldbe out any moment. She made to leave, but I drew her back witha question. I asked her about her brothers, sothat she could faceme again. I watched her lips move. She saidthey were inside,that they were still sleeping. I laughed, and told her that I wassorry for disturbing her own sleep. She smiled. Cheeeesuuuus!Jesus! I just made her smile. The smile wasglorious. Earlymorning beauty is the best infact. I just co-ordinated myself and took my...

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My Pman’s Friend’s Daughter part 1 **18+**

This ASUU strike has been on for a while, and inmy opinion, it isboth favourable and unfavourable. After whathappened to merecently, I think I’ll even want the strike tolast till next year. (lol) I was on my own in the sitting room,simultaneously chattingwith one girl and watching TV. I was laughinglike a goat, Iswear. Dont give me that look…c’mon, we alldo these things. I was tempted to use Pidgin English for thisstory, I mustconfess, but from now on I’ll just use ‘Pman’for Father and‘Momsi’ for Mother. Dhazall.I was still laughing like a drunk chronic madman when my Pmancame out from his room. He asked me what Iwas laughing aboutand I just said I was reading one joke online.He walked to thekitchen and as I heard his foot steps coming back, I immediatelyco-ordinated myself as if I was doing a jobinterview He asked me to go and help him give his friendone documentand that I should explain to him that he’ll see him later. Me i justhappy say I go even leave that house sef. Evenif the place I wasgoing to was not far. Two minutes later, I don jump enter one jeanswey I hang for my wardrobe door. I pick one Tshirt from my box. I never wear thisTshirt since when I don come back from school. I trekked out of my street and picked a bike.The man...

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