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I got an email from a very disturbed fan a few weeks back. He was the laughing stock of his friends because he’d bought a fake Tecno phone. A few days later, I found myself in the company of some guy bragging about how customized his Tecno M3 was. I happen to own a Tecno M3 (which I nick-named “Lazarus” because it died many times but somehow rose each time) so I decided to take a look at this Mystery phone. Yes, he’d changed the fonts and UI (I really wonder why this is most people’s definition of “Customized”) but aside from those, it felt like a regular Tecno M3. Something I couldn’t put a finger on felt off….and then I figured it out…it was a cloned (fake) Tecno M3.

Are the IMEI and VC code a true test to check if a Tecno phone is original?

My first encounter with a fake (cloned) Tecno phone was with a forum member whose Tecno M3 proved mighty stubborn. I had to employ some dev tactics to get it to work but couldn’t explain why it defied traditional fixes, not until I encountered a fake one myself.

Just like you reading this post, I Googled “How to check if a Tecno phone is original or fake” and I came across many posts but all said essentially the same thing in many ways which – in summary – was for you to go to http://gc.tecno-mobile.com/ , enter your IMEI and VC code then select click Submit (as shown in the image below) .

As a Tech. enthusiast, I was very disappointed to see many well respected Nigerian Tech. blogs put up fancy tutorials around this and feel justified. The above IMEI-VC method of checking if a Tecno phone is original is just like:

possible questions :: Please, where is the Tecno office?
A: Just look for any building with Tecno written anywhere on it and you’re there!

As ridiculous as that sounds, that’s essentially what the above method is.

,……………….i hope you find this post useful

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