Month: September 2015

How to identify a fake Tecno phone

I got an email from a very disturbed fan a few weeks back. He was the laughing stock of his friends because he’d bought a fake Tecno phone. A few days later, I found myself in the company of some guy bragging about how customized his Tecno M3 was. I happen to own a Tecno M3 (which I nick-named “Lazarus” because it died many times but somehow rose each time) so I decided to take a look at this Mystery phone. Yes, he’d changed the fonts and UI (I really wonder why this is most people’s definition of “Customized”) but aside from those, it felt like a regular Tecno M3. Something I couldn’t put a finger on felt off….and then I figured it out…it was a cloned (fake) Tecno M3. Are the IMEI and VC code a true test to check if a Tecno phone is original? My first encounter with a fake (cloned) Tecno phone was with a forum member whose Tecno M3 proved mighty stubborn. I had to employ some dev tactics to get it to work but couldn’t explain why it defied traditional fixes, not until I encountered a fake one myself. Just like you reading this post, I Googled “How to check if a Tecno phone is original or fake” and I came across many posts but all said essentially the same thing in many...

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GTBank and FirstBank New Way of Transfers Fund, Buy Airtime & Pay For Bills Via Mobile SMS

Life is more simple and easy day by day as a result of technology, I’m sure most of us are already know our way of performing bank transactions with our Smartphones through GPRS. Now you don’t even need to have browsing phone or megabytes before you can perform some bank transaction. Irrespective of your status or phone type that you are using, you can now send instant money transfers, pay for your bills or airtime top up directly from your mobile phone by simply dialing the specified USSD ShortCode (Firstbank and GTBank Customers only). I know some people have been using it for a while, but I’m sure that it will still be a benefit for some fans who are not yet aware of it. GTBank Transfer to GT Accounts » Dial *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account No# e.g. *737*1*1000*1234567890# from the mobile number registered with the Bank.» Enter last four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard to authenticate the transaction.Wait for the transaction to be completed. GTBank Transfer to Other BanksFor transfers to beneficiaries in other Bank’s:» Dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account No# from the mobile number registered with the Bank.» Select recipient’s bank (FBN, Access, Zenith, UBA & DBN)» Enter last four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard.» Wait for the transaction to be completed.» You will receive debit alert once the transfer is successful. NOTE: GTBank transfer charges are applied. The...

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4 Simple Ways You Can Be More Productive At Work

It would be unrealistic to say that we are all capable of marching into our jobs with a huge smile on our faces, eager and enthusiastic about tackling our tasks. If you claim that you are able to do this daily, there’s a good chance that everyone in your office probably secretly hates you. The truth is, we all have those work days where we feel unmotivated, lazy, distracted, or all of the above. However, if you’re anything like me, you’ll feel that nagging pang of guilt when you know that you could be a lot more productive. Sometimes it just takes a little extra boost. (No, I’m not referring to caffeine – However, if you don’t rely on at least one cup of coffee to make it through an 8-hour work day, I just don’t trust you.) Productive at work 4 Simple Ways You Can Be More Productive At Work 4 Simple Ways You Can Be More Productive At Work Productive at work Here are little ways to increase your productivity level in the office!  1. Write your to-do list the day before.   This has helped me immensely in my current position working for an association management company. Since I correspond with various clients as well as engage in inter-office collaboration, unexpected tasks can often present themselves. Therefore, it can be beneficial to have an initial daily plan...

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5 Fearlessly Ways To Stop Doubting Yourself

This quote resonated with me, as I happened to come across it on my Twitter feed. Self-doubters like myself will be able to relate to the consistent internal battle that it refers to. Even when we know the answer to something, we are afraid to speak up. We constantly second-guess our actions, and make ourselves crazy as a result. Finally, the worst one of all – Although we have the resources to reach an objective, a little voice in our head just keeps telling us that we can’t do it. Needless to say, self-doubt significantly holds us back. When we lack assurance, we prevent ourselves from progressing. Unfortunately, the solution is not as simple as snapping our fingers and zapping our nagging uncertainties away. Here are 5 ways to stop doubting yourself: 1. Don’t get too caught up in planning every little detail. Being organized is a great characteristic to have. However, when we become too meticulous with our planning, we get irrationally upset when something doesn’t go precisely as executed. Once one thing goes wrong, it’s a slippery slope from there on out. We can’t help but exert that same lack of confidence toward future situations. Maybe you planned on contributing a seemingly brilliant idea during your staff meeting. You practiced what to say beforehand, and carefully executed your words. Expecting to be praised for your valuable insight,...

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