this post will  guide you on how to backup Firefox browsing history and how to restore it on another computer without using any software. Just the procedure below ;

  •  Click the Start button on the taskbar of your Windows PC, type “Run” into the search bar
  • then press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
  •  Copy and paste the following into the Run prompt and press Enter:



  •     A folder will appear. This is your Firefox profile folder that contains all of your bookmarks, browsing history, settings and other information. Copy the folder to a transfer media (e.g. a Flash drive)
  • Copy the folder from the Flash drive to the desktop (or any location) of the other computer (Computer 2)
  •  Ensure Firefox browser is closed on computer2 and repeat steps 1 and 2 on the computer
  • Once deleted, drag the content in the folder saved earlier to your flash drive from computer1 to the empty folder on Computer 2
  • Launch the Firefox browser on computer 2 and you should see option to restore previous session. If not, go to “history” > “restore previous session”.

Your Firefox browsing history will be restored as well as your bookmarks, extensions etc.

NB: If you keep getting “file in use” while deleting the content of the profile folder, go to Windows “Task Manager” and end the Firefox process.

i hope you find this article useful.

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